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Test and Tag Charlestown – Signs That Your Business is Electrically Unsafe

Electricity is the primary source of power for many commercial buildings, without which no work can get done. Construction, demolition, and mining industries depend mainly on electricity to power up various tools and equipment. Even in a simple office setting, staff would use electricity to power up ovens, electric kettles, mugs, and heaters.

Nevertheless, electricity is equally hazardous. Without regular test and tag maintenance, you may never know which electrical equipment would start malfunctioning. The following are electrical warning signs that you need to be aware of to prevent mishaps from occurring in your business premises.

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Broken and Exposed Wiring

Electric cords have live wires within them insulated by non-conductor. It transmits electric current safely into your workspace. Without proper test and tag, the insulation can become frayed consequently exposing the live wires. Exposed live wires on sockets are a safety risk for workers and customers coming to your business.

Planned maintenance is an essential part of ensuring the safety and functionality of electrical equipment in the workplace. By scheduling regular maintenance and inspections, businesses can identify and address potential electrical hazards before they become serious risks to the safety of workers and the building. During planned maintenance, a professional test and tag company will inspect and test electrical equipment to ensure it is safe and compliant with Australian Standards AS/NZS 3760:2022. They will identify any potential faults, damage, or wear and tear, and take appropriate action to repair or replace the equipment.

By identifying and addressing potential issues during planned maintenance, businesses can avoid costly downtime and repairs, as well as the potential risks of accidents, electric shocks, and fires caused by faulty electrical equipment.

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Overloaded Outlets

overloaded outlets can be a serious electrical warning sign that should not be ignored. When too many devices are plugged into a single outlet or power strip, it can overload the circuit and potentially cause a fire or electric shock. One of the most common signs of an overloaded outlet is frequent power outages or tripped circuit breakers. This can occur when too much electricity is being drawn from the outlet or circuit, causing it to shut down as a safety precaution.

Other warning signs of overloaded outlets may include flickering lights, buzzing sounds, and burning smells. These signs can indicate that the electrical wiring or outlet is overheating and potentially dangerous. To prevent overloaded outlets, businesses should ensure that electrical equipment is distributed evenly across multiple outlets and circuits. Power strips and extension cords should only be used as temporary solutions, and should never be overloaded with too many devices.

    Hanging Extension Cables

    Hanging extension cables can actually be a safety hazard in the workplace, and should be avoided whenever possible. When extension cords are hung or suspended, they can become a tripping hazard for workers, and also increase the risk of wires breaking or becoming damaged.

    Damaged or frayed wires can pose a serious electrical hazard, potentially causing electric shocks or fires. When extension cords are hung or suspended, the weight of the cord and any attached devices can put strain on the wires, increasing the risk of damage or wear and tear.

    To prevent the risks of hanging extension cords, businesses should ensure that all electrical cords and cables are placed safely on the ground or on appropriate cable management systems. Extension cords should also be used sparingly and only as a temporary solution, as they can pose a risk of overloading and electrical hazards if used for extended periods of time.

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      Hiring a test and tag company helps you maintain an electrically safe workplace.  Test and tag help identify portable electrical appliances and equipment that are no longer safe.  That way, you can create a proper disposal or handling plan for your equipment.

      Test and tagging involves identifying and tagging electrical devices so business will know their status. For instance, if your electric kettle has an exposed electrical cord, the company will tag it accordingly.  Test and Tag Charlestown offers a range of electrical testing and tagging services to help identify potential hazards and ensure the safety of your workplace.

      Our team of experienced technicians can inspect and test electrical equipment, identifying any potential faults, damage, or wear and tear. We can also provide detailed reports and documentation to demonstrate compliance with Australian Standards, and help businesses develop effective electrical safety strategies. By partnering with a professional test and tag company like Test and Tag Charlestown, businesses can ensure the safety and functionality of their electrical equipment, and create a safer and more productive workplace. A test and tag company can provide peace of mind and help businesses stay compliant with Australian Standards, reducing the risk of accidents, fines, and downtime.

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