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Have your electrical equipment and appliances undergone recent visual inspections and testing? When it comes to ensuring the safety and compliance of your electrical systems, Local Guys Test and Tag WA is your reliable partner. Businesses often face significant expenses due to negligence in maintaining their electrical devices, including power boards, current devices, and power cords.

Operating a business in Australia entails a legal obligation to conduct regular testing and tagging, especially in construction sites and hostile environments. Our Test and Tag Western Australia experts are at your service, equipped to perform these crucial electrical tests. Thanks to our mobile capabilities and unwavering commitment, you can access our services from any location.

Learn more about our testing procedures and compliance obligations. We are your guide to ensuring the safety of your electrical items, whether in hostile or non-hostile environments. Our qualified staff is trained to handle everything from portable equipment to cord assemblies. Don’t risk penalties and repair costs; rely on us for your electrical testing needs. Contact us today!

What Would Count as an Electrical Hazard in Workspaces

We have visited several companies with overburdened connections and substandard wiring. The issue here is that this can result in a catastrophe. If there are inadequate safety measures in place or evaluations have still not been performed in a long time, the probability of an accident occurring is enhanced.
Our test and tag service provides WA facility managers with a thorough picture of their company’s current risk status. Unsecured electrical components and equipment failure may not have previously created a situation. This includes transitory lighting, a lack of protection on electrical wires, and uncovered electrical distribution devices, which can produce blisters and shocks.
Moreover, when your workspace is regarded as a hostile working environment, which means that electrical devices are prone to damage due to the circumstances, you must have an adequate testing and tagging system to guarantee conformity with all legislation and rules.

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Our Services

Our professionals provide a wide variety of electrical protective testing services. Please have a look at the following services, and contact us for a no-obligation quotation:

  • Electrical testing and tagging
  • Emergency light testing
  • Exit light testing
  • Commercial microwave testing
  • Safety switch testing
  • Earth- fault loop impedance test
  • Portable appliance testing
  • Data management

Whenever you work with Local Guys Test and Tag WA, you may satisfy all of your safety requirements with a single group of people. Our comprehensive services and ongoing maintenance are accessible across Western Australia. Contact us immediately, and we will arrange to come to your location and fulfill all of your protective testing needs on the spot.

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Benefits of Hiring the Local Guys Test and Tag WA

  • Test and tag professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced.
  • Free quotations, which you may get online. Inexpensive pricing are also available.
  • Complete reports with specifics on each piece of equipment.
  • Every appliance should have a tag attached with the tag’s information and expiration date.
  • Certification of conformity has an expiration date.
  • Our knowledgeable specialists provide invaluable assistance.
  • There are no hidden fees or exorbitant hourly prices. Your information and data would be protected in our databases, which will assist you in keeping your company up to date!

Why Should You Trust Us?

At the Local Guys’ Test and Tag, we are experts in electrical device inspection in WA, and we do it superior to anybody else. Since 2001, our professionals have examined hundreds of commercial buildings, extensively inspecting and ensuring that their electronic systems and equipment are in good operating order and secured against the chance of failure or damage.
Every year, countless lives are saved due to this straightforward but essential safety inspection, which also concurrently guarantees that company owners could be self-assured that they are completely compliant with the applicable regulations and that the danger of their employees being harmed when at the job is reduced significantly.

Our Services


Electrical Appliance Testing


Fire Extinguisher & Blanket Testing


Safety Switch (RCD) Testing


Microwave Leakage Testing


Emergency Exit Light Testing

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