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Every Australian business is legally responsible for caring for its employees. For this, it is essential to ensure their safety at the workplace from the electrical equipment. Electricity is for convenience, but many people take it for granted; it should not be in such a way as it has killing potential and can cause untold economic losses to the workers, business and equipment.

Therefore at The Local Guys, we offer portable appliance testing (PAT) and test and tag service for all residents and businesses in Wollongong. Test and Tag services are the proven method to prevent the consequences that might cause huge loss to life and property.


    Want to be sure you are selecting the right Test and Tag Company in Wollongong

    At The Local Guys, we guarantee you the ultimate integrity and professionalism of our technicians. We inspect all electrical appliances and make sure that they are working safely and properly. We believe safety and function are the two elements present in portable appliances test and tag services. We take the complete responsibility to perform everything practical require to ensure the workplace’s safety according to the Australian Safety Standards.

    All technicians present in our team have gone through the rigorous selection procedure and have police check clearance. So if you select us for the testing and tagging, you will be handing over the charge to a business that is over worth $20 million in the public liability insurance. With an approach to serve our customers, you will always find our rates competitive.

    Safety always comes first!

    Licensed Test and Tag services in Wollongong according to the WHS and Australian Safety Standards, the Local guys are the one of the finest team of technicians, who is passionate for their work. An employer is responsible for maintaining and providing a safe workplace without any risk to the health of their employees. We will inform you about all stages of test and tag services.

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      Test and Tag Services We Offer

      The Local Guys-Test and Tag are reliable online service providers where you can get a wide range of Fire and Electrical Testing facilities. These services will protect you and your business in all sorts of ways, without causing any trouble in making arrangements with several other companies.

      What is included in our services? Once the complete testing is done, you will receive

      • A complete report of the process
      • Compliance certificate with an expiry date of your testing
      • The note will be shared if qualified technicians advise or inform you about something.
      • The reminder will be sent when your next service is due, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Do you need a qualified technician for PAT testing?

      Most of the electricians are qualified PAT testers with so many specialising in specific types of industry testing. But for this, you don’t have to be a qualified electrician to become a PAT tester. It means that anyone can learn, train and carry out PAT tests legally if they are potent enough.

      What is the utility of Test and Tag?

      Test and Tag is a process that is used to check the safety of electrical appliances. This can be achieved easily by visually inspecting appliances for damage; later, it is followed by electrical testing with a portable appliance tester.

      What are the benefits of having equipment tested and tagged?

      Testing and tagging assist you in the maintenance of the electrical equipment, as through this process, you can detect minor problems even before they call for repair.

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