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Has your electrical equipment been examined and tested recently? Local Guys Test and Tag South Australia is here to help if you need assistance. Companies pay hundreds of dollars in fines and repair costs each year because of irresponsible actions related to their technological systems. Consequently, constant testing and labeling are a need while conducting a business in Australia.
One of our Test and Tag South Australia specialists will answer your call immediately. As a result of our mobile customer service and dedication, you can access the services you need anywhere. Please find out more about us right here!

What is Test and Tag South Australia?

It is the procedure wherein an electrical appliance is subjected to a visual examination and an electrical safety examination using a handheld appliance tester to confirm that it is suitable for usage in the office.

The Services We Offer

  • All your electrical equipment and gadgets should be subjected to a safety examination and testing utilizing our handheld device tester.
  • Destruction to the insulation should be checked visually.
  • Check to see whether there is any electrical insulation leaking.
  • Perform the earth circuit testing procedure.
  • A tag with the following information should be attached to the device or handset: contact details, barcoded assets identification, testing date, re-testing date, operator name and title, results of the testing, and firm’s contact information.
  • Asset Register and Test Certificates are digital and sent to you through email.
  • Inform you whenever your certification is due for a re-test by sending you an email.
  • If necessary, it may be able to repair or replace some of the objects that have been damaged.
  • All testing is performed by electricians who have received specialized training.
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How Often Do Electrical Appliances Need to Be Tested?

The frequency with which you must execute equipment testing and tagging would be determined by the sort of work setting in which you should be working. The frequency with which your electrical equipment should be examined and tagged is detailed in the table below.
Goods such as building sites must be checked every three months, workplace and household items must be checked every twelve months, and stationary equipment must be checked every five years, based on the area. Other objects would only need testing every five years, such as fixed appliances.
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Why Should You Trust The Local Guys Test and Tag South Australia?

At the Local Guys Test and Tag, we are professionals in electrical equipment inspection in Western Australia, and we do this service better than anybody else. Since 2001, our specialists have reviewed hundreds of commercial buildings.
We have thoroughly evaluated and certified their electronic systems and equipment are in excellent working condition and protected against the possibility of failure or damage before permitting them to open their doors.
Many lives are saved every year due to this simple but critical safety inspection, which also ensures that business owners can rest assured that they are fully compliant with all applicable regulations and that the risk of their employees being injured while on the job has been significantly reduced.

Our Appliance Testing and Tagging South Australia is
the Best in Region

Our mobile appliance testing gear enables us to enter any workplace and perform electrical testing on any equipment, no matter where or how complex the appliance or machinery is. This is possible because of our revolutionary electrical safety gear.
Our highly certified professionals specialize in commercial buildings to test and tag all electrical equipment and print tags on-site. They use the most up-to-date Portable Testing Equipment to do so.
It is essential that any equipment you use while on the job or working for an organization be safe. To avoid tragedy (or monetary penalties) in the future, you should include us in your risk assessment techniques today.
The Local Guys Testing and Tag South Australia when it comes to electrical and testing and tagging compliance laws; South Australia is one of the most trustworthy brands in the franchising industry, offering consumers the confidence that their workplace is as safe as it can pretty be.

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