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When it comes to occupational safety and health, there’s no room for compromise. Prioritising proper tag and test for your electrical devices is crucial, and selecting the best professionals is a must. Lets get into what Test and Tag Queensland entails, its legal requirements in Qld, and key considerations when hiring the right company for your needs!

Test and Tag Requirements Qld

Is Test and Tag Queensland a Legal Requirement?

Ensure your electrical equipment complies with WH&S and OH&S regulations in workplaces, including construction sites in Brisbane, Qld with a test and tag service safety inspection. Non-compliance with regulations can lead to penalties and endanger workers. All electrical appliances need regular inspection and labeling, and will have different intervals for testing with testing frequency determined by the equipment’s type and usage.

For construction projects, such as transportable structures, machinery, and construction wiring, electrical testing is required every six months. Heavy machinery necessitates testing every three months. Choose a licensed team familiar with various electrical equipment, including safety switches, to determine the optimal testing schedule. Consider a recall service for timely reevaluation. For more information on test and tag requirements qld click here.

test and tag brisbane

The Services We Offer

The Local Guys Test and Tag Queensland comprehensive testing and tagging services include the following:

  • Equipment Visual inspection
  • Insulation tests
  • Earth circuit tests
  • Polarity wire tests
  • Functionality tests
  • Continuity tests
  • Run/leakage tests
  • Powerboards

We may be reached at 13 11 05, and we’ll take care of all of your company’s testing and tagging requirements by the most qualified personnel in Queensland!

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Test and Tag Queensland Intervals

In the industry, testing durations are a standard requirement, and their frequency depends primarily on the type of environment in which electrical equipment is utilised. Our recommended intervals take into account various factors, including the option for portable appliance testing, electrical risk factors, and the type of environment. Our qualified team conducts Electrical tests to ensure compliance with safety standards and minimise electrical faults. This approach is part of our commitment to thorough risk assessment, providing peace of mind to business owners. We commonly recommend the following frequency.

  • Design, installation, and deconstruction take a total of three months.
  • Manufacturers, storage, and operations will be completed in six months.
  • If the hardware cable is subjected to bending or abuse, it should be replaced after 12 months.
  • Five years in a setting where the machinery cord is not subjected to bending or exposed to abuse.

It is critical to ensure that you operate according to applicable standards and comply with any specific corporate OHS or risk management policies since these rules may demand different testing intervals.

Choose Someone Whom You Can Trust

When it comes to workspace health and safety, never take chances. Hiring a licensed professional for electrical safety testing offers peace of mind. The Local Guys Test and Tag Queensland, with top-level training and expertise, ensures your compliance with test and tag QLD requirements and regulations.

Our team uses advanced technology to create tags only after thorough assessments of current devices, extension cords, portable appliances, and other electrical equipment. We provide regular testing services, even for onsite assembly and construction industry needs. Our services include insulation resistance tests, earthing continuity tests, and relevant testing instruments, ensuring the safety of your workplace.

Choose us for inspection, even in rural industries, demolition, or push button setups. We offer recall services, reducing the stress of tracking retesting deadlines. Contact The Local Guys Test and Tag Queensland to stay compliant and secure in the building and construction industry.

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