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Test and Tag Perth, is your business at risk?

The Local Guys – Test and Tag services Perth all areas of Perth & Western Australia. We are passionate about supporting our clients all over Australia, no matter how big or small the job is.

Did you know “statistics show that 20% of fires are caused by electrical faults”?

As a responsible employee or manager, you have a duty of care to protect anyone who comes into contact with your business. By ensuring you are maintaining regular testing and tagging of your electrical equipment, you are upholding your duty of care, meeting the AS/NZS 3760 standard, and protecting your business from any potential risks (including injuries, death and loss of revenue).

So when you need professional testing and tagging carried out in your home, office or workshop, don’t just go for someone that knows what they’re doing, go for someone that knows the area too!
From five-star restaurants at Elizabeth Quay, to wineries in the Swan Valley, Factories and processing plants in Rockingham, to cityside sports centres – wherever you are in Perth, The Local Guys Test and
Tag are right around the corner and ready to get the job done.
Because what really matters, no matter what industry you are in, is safety – first and foremost. The Local Guys Test and Tag prioritise your safety and deliver peace of mind, not only for yourself, but also for your colleagues, friends and family. So whether it’s checking the microwave oven in your kitchen for excess radiation leakage, or ensuring a safe power supply for your hydraulic car lift at the auto shop, regular testing and tagging can keep you and others out of harm’s way.

    Why choose The Local Guys – Test and Tag Perth?

    The Local Guys – Test and Tag Perth team have been working in the industry for 10+ years and have been working in Perth & all of W.A. for more than 8 years. We are proud to say that our passion and experience within the industry has helped us win large clients all around Australia. We have $20 million in Public Liability Insurance. All of our technicians are qualified, professional and uniformed, and each has a current Police Check clearance. Our business also donates $5 from each job we complete to World Vision Australia… So when you work with us, you are also working towards a great cause!


    What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say About Us

    • Easy to deal with! We will use it again for sure. – Peter Hanna
    • Professional and a simple process, glade they will let us know when we are next due. – Shaun Rockford
    • Happy and friendly staff, much better than our previous provider. Thanks, Dave! – Michael B.
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    Our Test and Tag Process

    What is the process when your Perth Test and Tag technician arrives?

    1. Visual inspection
    2. Electrical Testing
    3. Tagging (including correct color coding for construction, mining, and demolition), which include your next service due date
    4. Full Reporting, including passes and fail, location & description of the appliance
    5. Certificate of Compliance
    6. We will contact you when your next service is due, so you don’t need to worry about chasing us up… We aim to make this a simple and stress-free process for our clients

    Ensure the safety of your equipment with professional test and tag from The Local Guys. Call today!

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    • RCD Testing
    • Microwave Leakage Testing
    • Emergency Exit Light Testing
    • Fire Extinguisher Testing
    • Smoke Detector Testing
    • Fire Blanket Testing

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do generators need to be tested and tagged?

    Such RCDs must be tested each month. Any generator without a RCD should never be used and can never be tested. A generator must be earthed all times as it will aid in protecting users for severe injury.

    Who is responsible for ensuring equipment is checked and safe to use?

    A professional test and tag technician who is an expert at his craft will ensure that equipment in use at a workplace or home is safe for using by carrying on an inspection, testing and tagging method.

    Why get electrical test and tag in Perth?

    Being Australia’s foremost centre of STEM research, training and
    practice, it’s a fair bet that Perth is home to an extraordinary amount
    of electrical appliances and power tools! The best way to ensure the
    safety of those using these appliances, and those that work and live
    amongst them, is to have them regularly tested and tagged by a
    trained professional. The Local Guys Test and Tag Perth are not only
    experienced trained professionals, but they go one step better,
    they’re local!

    Perth Case Study 1

    Richard is a 49 year old winemaker living in the Swan Valley. His
    daughter plays local footy, and spends a lot of time at the Sporting
    Club. His son helps out in the vineyard. Richard and his son use a lot
    of specialised electrical equipment for growing their grapes and
    measuring, testing and bottling their wine. This equipment is vital to
    Richard’s winemaking business, and to his family’s livelihood. Richard
    knows the risks of faulty electrics well. Seven years ago he lost
    thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment when a fridge short-
    circuited, causing a fire in his shed. Fortunately, the fire was
    contained quickly and did not spread to the house or property, but
    nevertheless it was a sizable setback for his winemaking business.
    Since then, Richard has been a regular customer of The Local Guys
    Test and Tag Perth. An outspoken supporter of The Local Guys,
    Richard has recommended our services to other local wineries, and
    even his daughter’s sports club! Thanks Richard!

    Perth Case Study 2

    Cathy is a 38 year old Registered Nurse and mother of three. She
    lives in West Leederville with her partner, a primary school teacher.
    On weekends Cathy and the family love to get out of the house,
    taking local expeditions around Lake Monger, or jumping on the CAT
    and heading in to the city. Her kids love visiting Scitech. Often they’ll
    spend a few hours there in the morning before heading down to
    Elizabeth Quay for lunch on the riverside. Both Cathy and her partner
    are responsible for testing and tagging at their respective
    workplaces. They are both aware of the dangers of faulty or worn
    out appliances, and hence serve their duty of care by scheduling
    regular testing and tagging. Cathy feels peace of mind knowing that
    she is maintaining a safe living and working environment for herself,
    her colleagues, and her patients.

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