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Who are The Local Guys – Test and Tag Gold Coast?

Our team at The Local Guys – Test and Tag Gold Coast have been in the test and tag industry for 10+ years and have been servicing the Gold Coast for 7 years. So we offer our tagging services to both regional and metropolitan areas in Queensland. But we have worked with a range of businesses. Therefore, we are happy to take on any job, no matter how small or large!

Our Gold Coast expert technicians have a wealth of electrical test & tag knowledge to ensure compliance with Australian standards. We offer a wide range of services, from safety inspections and leakage testing to electrical equipment assessment. With timely notifications and detailed reports, we keep businesses in line with workplace Health & Safety regulations following WorkSafe Queensland safe working environment rules. Trust us for competitive rates, covering a wide range of electrical equipment and electrical appliance types and ensuring safety switches are in check. Clients benefit from our efficient Portable Appliance Testers and meticulous record keeping.

    Our skilled technicians are adept at handling a diverse array of tools, from Exit lights to kitchen appliances, ensuring they meet stringent Occupational Health and Safety standards. With a keen eye for detail, we meticulously assess each item, building a comprehensive asset register and promptly addressing any faulty items. As your trusted partner in maintaining safety compliance, we extend our services to businesses across various environments. Our team of experts is well-versed in the art of testing, from Phase equipment to Earth leakage, ensuring your peace of mind. Experience our top-notch service, where quality and safety meet without compromising your costs.

    What is Electrical Test and Tagging?

    Electrical test and tagging is the process of testing the safety of portable electrical appliances. This process includes:

    1. Visual Inspection: The technician will check for any visual defects, such as frayed ends or broken cords.
    2. Electrical Testing: Using a Portable Appliance Tester (PAT), the technician will test the appliance for any electrical faults.
    3. Tagging Passed Items: Tags are placed on the completed item and include our business name. The name of the technician who completed the testing, the date the testing was completed, and the next test due date.
    4. Reporting: You will receive full reporting (including all pass and failed items, and any comments/ professional recommendations) and a Certificate of Compliance, for your records.

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    5 reasons to choose The Local Guys – Test and Tag Gold Coast for your next service:

    1. Professionalism: All of our technicians are qualified, uniformed, and have current Police Check Clearances. So our business has $20 million in Public Liability Insurance.
    2. Giving Back: For every job that we complete, The Local Guys – Test & Tag donates $5 to World Vision Australia because we believe it is important to help those in need. So when you work with us, you are also helping a community in need.
    3. Competitive Prices: We pride ourselves on the importance of safety, but we also understand the importance of money. This is why we aim to provide an unbeatable service for an affordable price.
    4. Ease of Service: Our team wants to make your business test and tagging. An easy and stress-free task, rather than a chore. As a part of your service, we also contact you when your next service is due. So you don’t need to worry about keeping dates and chasing us up.
    5. Client satisfaction: The Local Guys – Test & Tag can proudly say we have won many large tenders, worked with government bodies, and continue to receive positive customer reviews. We are very passionate about the industry and the clients that we support.
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      Why Test and Tag?

      It is important that employers ensure their workplace conducts regular testing and tagging. As not only is it a crucial safety measure, but it is also a legal requirement. So employers have a duty of care to their employees. And by conducting regular testing employers are complying with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2022. Regular testing and tagging are some of the easiest ways of guarantying the safety of employees and the business. And also ensures equipment is being regularly maintained.

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        What Needs To be Tested-And-Tagged And How Often?

        Generally speaking, most portable electrical appliances need to be tested. So If it has a flexible cord and a removable plug, we will test it! Electrical appliances fall into two classes. and both are tested:

        • Class I: Earthed appliances, i.e. kettles, toasters, irons, etc.
        • Class II: Double insulated appliances, i.e. most drills, hairdryers, etc. – usually identified with a double square symbol

        Testing can be conducted every 3, 5, 12 months or 5 years. However, the frequency of testing depends on the environment and the appliance. Workplace risk assessments can also affect the frequency of testing.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        How often is testing and tagging?

        Testing and tagging of electrical appliances and equipment frequently is actually mandatory for every company in Australia irrespective to the industry they belong to. It is crucial that owners of the company manage the testing and tagging of their appliances effectively after each and every few months for ensuring a safe environment at the workplace. The Australian workplace safety standards give us an idea of the intervals at which the appliances must be tested and tagged out in the different industries.

        How long does test and tag last?

        For ensuring that electrical appliances function properly and come with no danger to the our lives, it is important to have all of them tested and tagged every 6 months.

        How often should your electrics be checked?

        It will depend on how old your house or workplace is and the number of appliances and equipment present in it. Usually most electricians will suggest checking your electrics every 3-5 years but you must test the GFCI outlets two times in a year at least at your home or office by pushing the button of test or reset.

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