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Test and Tag Brisbane, why get it done?

Electrical equipment is a part of most everyday duties and workplaces. It doesn’t matter if you work in a hospital, in a trade, in a retail store or an office, the likelihood that you will not encounter some form of electrical equipment is next to none. So this is why it is crucial that all electronics in your workplace are regularly tested and tagged by qualified professionals. By conducting regular test and tagging in your Brisbane business, employers are:

  • Upholding their duty of care by protecting their staff
  • Reducing the risks of danger in the workplace
  • Maintaining their equipment
  • Complying with the AS/NZS 3760 standards

      When Workplaces Maintain And  – Regularly Test Their Electrical Equipment Correctly, They Avoid:

      • Electrical shocks & electrocution – Can cause direct injury, indirect injury as a result of the shock (i.e. being thrown to the ground off a ladder), electrical burns, or death.
      • Electrical fires – Can result in loss of revenue for a business, or even death. Rather Electrical fires can also cause explosions in flammable environments.
        test and tag brisbane

        5 Reasons to select The Local Guys - Test and Tag Brisbane for your next service

        • Professionalism: Each of our technicians is qualified, professional, and uniformed. So all technicians also hold a current Police Check clearance. The Local Guys – Test and Tag Brisbane also has $20 million in Public Liability Insurance.
        • Experienced Team: The Local Guys – Test & Tag team has been in the industry for 10+ years and has been servicing QLD for 8 years.
        • Competitive Prices: We understand the importance of money and safety. Therefore we pride ourselves on offering a high-quality service for an affordable price.
        • Ease: Our team wants to make your testing-process as smooth as possible. This is why we provide every business we service with full reporting, an online customer portal, any advice they need in between services, and we contact them when their next service is due. So it is safe to say, our clients can rest with ease, knowing we have got them covered.
        • Punctuality: We understand the importance of time, therefore we aim to provide our clients with short wait times when booking in their service. Once booked in, we intend to have the services completed in a timely manner so your business can operate as normal.
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        Giving Back

        The Local Guys – Test & Tag team believes it is important to give back to those in need. That is why we donate $5 from each job we complete to World Vision Australia.  So, when you choose to work with us, not only are you supporting an Australian business, but you are also helping a community in need.


          Client Reviews

          Take a look at what some of our clients had to say about working with us:

          • The Local Guys – Test and Tag Brisbane completed our test and tag with the professionalism that our old company didn’t have. They do what they say! – John P
          • It works very well! Thanks – Adam G
          • They did electrical test and tag for our whole office. So we didn’t have one complaint or one problem. Thanks, guy! – Victoria H
          • Therefore We will be using The Local Guys test and tag Brisbane again! – Shaun Tatturm.

          Ensure the safety of your equipment with professional test and tag from The Local Guys. Call today!

          Our Services

          The Local Guys – Test and Tag is a one-stop-shop for guaranteeing safety in the workplace.

          Rather Check out the other services we offer:

          • Electrical Test and Tagging
          • RCD Testing
          • Fire Extinguisher Testing
          • Fire Blanket Testing
          • Smoke Detector Testing
          • Emergency Exit Light Testing
          • Microwave Leakage Testing

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          Our Services


          Electrical Appliance Testing


          Fire Extinguisher & Blanket Testing


          Safety Switch (RCD) Testing


          Smoke Detector Testing


          Microwave Leakage Testing


          Emergency Exit Light Testing

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          Why is test and tag important?

          Why Is Test and Tag Important?

          Electrical hazards exist in all workplaces. Numerous electrical accidents happen at workplaces annually in Australia including electrical shocks, which can be fatal.

          Electrical hazards and accidents can be avoided when you hire a test and tag company to check your electrical items regularly.

          The Local Guys Test and Tag Brisbane Team saves lives and money. We provide the highest quality and cost-effectiveness for Brisbane testing and tagging services and in all of Australia.

          Employers are obliged legally to keep their workplaces safe. Also, it is their duty to take care of their staff. It is a fact that electricity can injure and even kill. A faulty appliance can lead to electrical shocks, fire, and even death. Keeping your workplace safe means that you are keeping your greatest asset safe as well.

          If keeping your staff and workplace safe is not enough for you, you are liable to punishment. If your workplace is not compliant with AS/NZS 3760, WH&S inspectors have the power and authority to issue penalty notices and on the spot fines.

          Punishments vary according to the condition of the workplace. Besides, managers, business owners, and persons in charge can face individual fines and even imprisonment depending on how serious the condition is.

          All our Test and Tag Brisbane services are done in accordance with AS/NZS 3760 and AS/NZS 3012.

          Why use The Local Guys test and tag Brisbane?

          Test and Tag Brisbane – Why The Local Guys Are the Best?

          The Local Guys have been providing Test and Tag services in Brisbane for decades. Our technicians provide services to Brisbane and all over Australia. Our client base is wide and we do our best to meet our clients’ needs.

          Our Test and Tag Brisbane-based technicians are fully trained and licensed. Our services include:

          • Appliance Test and Tagging.
          • Safety Switch (RCD) Testing.
          • Smoke Detector Testing.
          • Microwave Leakage Testing.
          • Exit and Emergency Lighting System Inspection.
          • Essential Fire Protection Equipment inspections such as Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Testing and Hydrants and Hose Reels Inspection and Testing.


          Why The Local Guys – Test and Tag Brisbane?

          The Local Guys Test and Tag Brisbane Team have great experience in keeping workplaces safe. The team covers all areas of Brisbane.

          Also, we cover all electrical testing and tagging aspects including risk assessment, electrical safety inspection, electrical equipment, and appliance testing and tagging, and many more services.

          The Local Guys provides:

          • One of the best electrical test and tag Brisbane teams including technicians that are trained to properly and professionally test and tag all electrical appliances to meet AS/NZS 3760.
          • The latest test and tag equipment and tools to test and tag all your appliances including 3-phase equipment and IT.
          • RCD Testing (Safety Switch Testing) in order to meet AS/NZS 3760 standards.
          • After testing and tagging, damaged and faulty items will be reported to the person in charge. If repairs are required, they will be included in the report. Some items must be put out of service and replaced immediately.
          • Reports that include a list of assets, detailed test results, and failed items list.
          • Re-testing reminder to ensure that your workplace stays safe all the time.

          The Local Guys Test and Tag Brisbane is available to serve the local community.

          Our services are important. Therefore, The Local Guys Test and Tag Brisbane knows how big the responsibilities are towards society.
          We ensure safety compliance with innovation, strength, knowledge, and experience to help us achieve the main goal, which is ultimate electrical safety.

          Test and Tag Brisbane Team is also committed to making sure that the testing and tagging process goes as smooth as possible and without any effects on the business.

          For more information, contact us. The Local Guys are here for you!

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