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Did you know that electricity risks may be encountered in any place of work? Many of them are lethal, and in most instances, they could easily have been prevented with Australian Standard inspection. The present Australian Standard, AS/NZS 3760:2010, describes the tests that must be performed to certify overcurrent protection at a worksite. A competent test and tag business in Victoria will verify that your workspace is electrically safe.
The Local Guys Test and Tag Victoria will visit your company and examine and test all equipment to verify they are entirely compliant with safety regulations, assisting you in fulfilling your duty of reasonable care for OH&S rules and, more significantly, providing a safe environment for your workers and clients.

Our Test and Tag Victoria Services

Customers around Victoria may benefit from our full range of electricity and chemical safety services, which we provide via Local Guys Test and Tag Victoria.
We believe that the only way to ensure that your company is totally in compliance with occupational health and safety requirements is to use a comprehensive suite of safety testing services. Inquire about having one of our professionals come to your business premises and perform any variety of the testing services listed below.

  • Electrical testing and tagging are performed.
  • Services in the field of fire prevention.
  • Testing for RCD.
  • The impedance of a ground faults loop.
  • Testing using a microwave.
  • Testing of small portable appliances.

After completing each exam, you will be provided with a report detailing the findings. Our ledgers are ideal for providing conformity documentation and keeping notes of when a third party last examined each item.

Test and Tag Melbourne

How Often Would You Need Testing and Tagging Victoria?

Following industry standards, specialists recommend that all electrical installations equipment, electronic devices, and electrical wires be examined and tested every six months. This seems to be dependent on the setting in which you work.
When opposed to a peaceful office atmosphere, a severe workplace environment, such as a deconstruction or construction site, has a higher risk of injury. The Local Guys Test and Tag Victoria ensures that their customers are up to date for safety checking every once in a while to avoid any mishaps.
Test and Tag Melbourne

Why Should You Trust the Local Guys Test and Tagging Victoria?

We have years of expertise in the research and testing sector. We put all of our specialists through an intensive training system and take continuous guidance to ensure adherence to current regulations on the most recent testing guidelines and requirements.
In line with the AS/NZS 3760:2010 guideline for the in-service protection testing of electrical devices and the AS/NZS 3012:2010 guideline for electronic set-ups – installation, we perform all of our inspections and tests.

The Local Guy’s Appliance Testing and Tagging

Our innovative electrical safety gear allows us to do mobile appliance testing, allowing us to enter any workplace and conduct electrical testing on any device, regardless of where it is situated or how complicated the appliance or machinery is.
Our highly qualified specialists specialize in commercial premises and utilize the most up-to-date Portable Testing Equipment to test and tag all electrical equipment and print tags on-site.
If you operate on a worksite or in an organization, you must ensure that the equipment you are using is secure to use. Mishaps occur when shortcuts are struck; now, involve us in your risk evaluation methods to avert disaster (or monetary fines) later.
The local guy’s Test & Tag Victoria is among the most reliable names in the franchising business, takes electrical testing and tagging compliance regulations very seriously, giving customers the comfort that your workspace is as secure as it can reasonably be.

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