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If you are looking for the best test and tag services in Canberra, you are at the right place. We do not only provide our clients with the best services across Australia but also with all the information, they need to understand the nature of our services. We depend completely on electrical devices and appliances. Therefore, we put them under a lot of strain.

Frequent usage of the devices without regular checking leads to damages and the existence of unsafe equipment in our places.
All kinds of problems may exist at the same place from faulty electronics to faulty wiring and damaged equipment. After that, These problems may cause damages to both people and equipment. Without regular test and tag services, people will be at risk of electrical burns, injuries, or electrocution. Also, your equipment will be at risk of complete damage.

Finding the best test and tag services in Canberra is vital to ensure that your place is safe for your family members, workers, and visitors and maintain the integrity of your equipment.

You can rest easy knowing that a trusted company has protected your business. At The Local Guys – Test and Tag, we pride ourselves on our core values: honesty, punctuality, flexibility, reliability, and confidentiality.

    What is Test and Tag?

    Test and Tag services depend on inspecting and testing your electrical appliances to make sure that they are safe. After finishing the process, all the electrical devices and appliances are labeled. Your test and tag professional should log all the labeled items in a detailed report for future services.
    Therefore, Test and tag professionals in Canberra usually look for the following faults:

    • Worn wires and cords.
    • Safety switches problems.
    • Wiring faults.
    • Equipment damages, especially if they are exposed to moisture, chemicals, or heat.
    • Electrical currents leakages.
      Insulation resistance. If there is a leakage current, it must be tested at certain values. Class I appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, kettles, irons, and toasters must not excess 5mA while Class II appliances such as hairdryers, DVD players, televisions, computers, and photocopiers must not excess 1mA.
      Earthing system problems using earthing rods and connection leads.
      Polarity faults.

    Why should you find the best test and tag company in Canberra!

    Testing and maintaining your electrical devices and appliances regularly reduce the risks of injuries and accidents significantly. In other words. Similarly, Your top priority should be keeping everybody safe, which is accomplished by finding the best test and tag company in Canberra and hiring it.Regular testing means that your workplace complies with the Australian Safety Standards. If something went wrong, you will not be involved in legal problems.
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    Which Appliances and Devices Must Be Tested and Tagged?

    Test and tag professionals test and tag portable and non-portable devices, power boards, wiring, cords, switches, and appliances. Some companies do not test items that are wired and fixed in place. However, The Local Guys always inspect all the devices to make sure that they are no problems.

    How Often Should You Test and Tag Your Appliances?

    All electrical devices, tools, equipment, and cords must be tested and tagged every 6 to 12 months. It varies according to the workplace and how harsh the work environment is.
    In other words, You may need to check the equipment more often in harsher workplaces such as construction and demolition sites.

    Who Can Test and Tag Your Appliances?

    To make sure that the provided test and tag services are efficient, choose a test and tag company that has a great record and incredible reviews.
    At The Local Guys, we send alerts to our clients before their tags expire. A report with all the details will be sent to you. We are always available for our clients to answer their questions and solve any urgent problems.
    We provide our clients with the best test and tag services in Canberra. If you need more information or have any questions about our services, contact us.

    Ensure the safety of your equipment with professional test and tag from The Local Guys. Call today!

    Test and Tag Services We Offer

    The Local Guys – Test and Tag is a one-stop-shop! We offer a range of Electrical & Fire Testing that you can protect your business in as many ways as possible, without the hassle of organizing arrangements with multiple companies.

    What is included in your service? After we complete your testing, you will receive:

    • Full reporting.
    • A certificate of compliance with your testing expiry date.
    • Any advice and information you require from a qualified technician.
    • We contact you when your next service is due – so you will never need to worry!

    So what are you waiting for, REQUEST A QUOTE today!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often should test and tag be done?

    When considering the test and tag intervals and how often any electrical appliance should be tested. The major underlying factor is the type of environment the appliance is generally located. In many workplaces will be having various frequencies of test and tag due to their individual risk management as well as OHS planning. Depending on the state where you are operating. “Its safety regulations or the present Australian standard”. Will be specifying how often you require to get a test and tag done for your electrical appliances, safety switches, and so on.

    Do you need to test and tag new equipment?

    When any equipment is new, then the supplier must be held responsible for its electrical safety initially. “Any new equipment never requires to be tested on purchase.” But it must be inspected visually for any damage and must be tagged with the “New to Service” tag for indicating that they are purchased new. The tag will state that it is not tested in accordance with the Australian standard and the date should be specified when it will be tested by an experienced technician.

    Does a test and tag certificate expire?

    Students who complete a Test and Tag course successfully are considered to be a Competent Person according to the AS/NZS 3760 standard. A test and tag certificate will never expire but if you wish to retain the Competent Person status, you must possess the latest knowledge as well as skills.

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