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Ensuring that suitable operating standards are adhered to on your job site is critical to maintaining a secure and problem-free working environment. It is vital to be aware of your equipment, workplace environment, and the appropriate test and tag periods to maintain requirements.
It’s critical to keep up with the latest rules pertaining to your specific locality. An essential component of this is compliance with Workplace Health and Safety regulations regarding testing and tagging in NSW. It is at this point that we step in.

The Modified Test and Tag NSW Rule

The test and tag criteria for NSW used to be somewhat unique from the other regions in terms of test and tag colors and the AS/NZS 3012 Regulation. Since the earlier legislation is still being used on industrial estates, it is vital to comprehend what is or is not permitted if you come across it on the field.
Initially, New South Wales obliged crew members to test and tag once every month (as compared to every three months in the other jurisdictions), with a distinct test tag color assigned monthly. The test and tag frequencies altered around five years ago and afterward re-aligned with the remainder of Australia every three months. It is said to have been amended to simplify and have one rule for everybody.

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The Services We Offer

The following services are provided by Local Guys Test and Tag NSW as part of their complete testing and tagging offerings:

  • Equipment Visual inspection
  • Insulation tests
  • Earth circuit tests
  • Polarity wire tests
  • Functionality tests
  • Continuity tests
  • Run/leakage tests
  • Powerboards

Please get in touch with us by phone at 13 11 05, and we’ll be happy to assist you with all of your company’s testing and tagging needs by the most skilled professionals in NSW!

Test and Tag NSW

We Offer Comprehensive Expertise to Safeguard All Of Your Needs

We at Local Guys Test and Tag NSW are entirely devoted to doing a comprehensive inspection of any electronic systems, irrespective of where it is being used or installed. Thus, whether you want to test and tag services in NSW for one of these areas or both, our specialists have in-depth expertise and awareness of what is necessary to keep your facilities secure.
There seem to be three fundamental approaches to achieving this goal:

  • Identifying and eliminating risks from the workplace that have been recognized as troublesome and posing a possible danger.
  • Old parts or components are replaced with ones that represent a lower danger in the areas that have been identified.
  • Lastly, ensure that dangerous equipment is kept away from your employees and guests.

Participants in routine test and tag in NSW gain from enhanced workplace health and safety, can foresee more favorable insurance prices when suitable systems are in place to maintain the electrical safety of their hardware regularly, and, and they’re in full accordance with the regulation, they would not be subject to fines if an investigation occurs.

Don’t Leave Anything Behind!

When it comes to the, we understand that running a company is a full-time job for most people. That said, we also realize that things can slip whenever the heat is on and that you are conscious of and do your best to make sure that you will be electrically compliant.
As a result, we provide a testing system that ensures your entire conformity and frees you to concentrate on your core competencies and business objectives. Be proactive, and don’t let anything slip through your fingers. You can count on the Local Guys Test and Tag NSW crew for electrical device testing in NSW businesses that have relied on for over a decade.

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