What is an emergency exit light? How does it work?

An emergency exit light is a safety device that lights up in the event of an electrical failure, power outage or fire to guide occupants safely out of a building. Emergency exit light testing ensures those inside the building to quickly evacuate, see clearly while they move through the building, avoid obstacles, reduce the risk of injuries, and assist in locating equipment.

There are two types of emergency exit lights:

  1. Some emergency exit lights have a bulb that stays on all the time with the power of the building and a second bulb that is triggered with a battery during a power outage
  2. Other emergency exit lights only turn on in the event of an emergency and the bulb is constantly charged by the buildings power supply

Spitfires also provide basic light in the event of a power outage (usually found near stairs or restrooms) and should be tested like an emergency exit light.

What is involved in an emergency exit light test?

During an emergency exit light test, our technicians complete:

  • Timed battery test
  • Inspection of all bulbs, lights, diffusers and batteries (and replacing these, where necessary)
  • Clean of the light reflecting surfaces to ensure the visibility of the illumination is maximised
  • Inspection of the area to determine compliance with the standards (i.e. visibility, signage)
  • A comprehensive report, outlining the service completed, the date, location, outcomes and recommendations
  • Certificate of compliance stating the next service due date
  • Follow up reminders to notify you when your testing is due again

At The Local Guys – Test & Tag, all emergency exit light testing is completed in accordance with the AS 2293.2:2019 Australian standard.

Why should I have my emergency exit lights tested?

In order to be compliant with the Australian standards and allow people to safely navigate and exit a building, emergency exit lights must function correctly. Regular tests completed by a professional ensure the lights are appropriately maintained and in good working order.

Like any electrical equipment, over time the quality of the device may decline. Although an emergency exit light may come on, it may not illuminate correctly or long enough. Emergency exit lights must remain on for a minimum of 90-minutes to pass the test. The inspection and annual clean completed during your service will ensure the emergency exit light is functioning and illuminating correctly.

Emergency exit lights are one of the most effective safety tools in the event of an emergency. Emergency exit lights provide a clear exit path out of a building during a power outage (blackout) or fire (smoke). Ensuring your lights are correctly functioning can reduce panic and the risk of injuries and even death.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How often do emergency exit lights need to be tested?

According to AS 2293.2:2019 Australian Standard, emergency exit lights must be tested every 6 months to ensure they are functioning correctly in the event of an emergency.

Where should my emergency exit lights be located?

Emergency exit lights will be located on, above or adjacent to designated exits and doors. To minimise as much risk as possible and to remain compliant with the standards, businesses must ensure that the emergency exit lights within their building are visible at all times.

Who can test an emergency exit light?

In compliance with the Australian standards, all emergency exit light testing must be carried out by a safety professional who has been deemed competent. In QLD, technicians are required to complete further training and gain an additional licence to meet these requirements within their state. All technicians at The Local Guys – Test & Tag have been trained to the highest level to meet these standards.

Does my business need to have emergency exit lights?

Yes, all businesses in Australia are required to have emergency exit lights within their commercial buildings to be considered safe and compliant with the AS 2293.2:2019 Australian standard.