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Test and Tag Bolivar – Creating A Test and Schedule For Your Business

Any place in Adelaide – residential or commercial – that has electrical equipment present is at risk of electricity-related accidents. That’s why it’s so important to make sure all electrical appliances and equipment undergo proper testing and tagging. It is not only required by law but it also helps minimise electrical hazards and injuries related to faulty equipment. In this article, let’s walk through some guidance on how to create a test and tag schedule.

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Step #1: Know Your Equipment

The first step in creating a test and tag schedule is knowing what equipment you’re having. Getting a full list of your equipment is crucial for this decision because not all equipment have the same testing interval. For instance, high-risk and heavy equipment like power tools or heavy machinery may require more frequent testing. On the other hand, low-risk equipment such as computers or printers will require longer intervals for testing. You can even categorise your equipment so you can allocate resources efficiently and focus on the equipment that requires immediate attention.

Step #2: Create A Schedule

Once you’ve assessed your equipment and understand the regulations, you can start creating a schedule. Most test and tag services allow you to customise your schedule to suit your specific needs. A sample schedule might look something like this:

  • Low-risk equipment such as office equipment can be tested and tagged every 5 years
  • Medium-risk equipment such as portable appliances can be tested every 1-2 years
  • High-risk equipment such as power tools, heavy machinery, or forklifts can be tested and tagged every 3 months

Step #3: Call A Competent Person Or Service Provider

The Australian Standards AS/NZ 3760:2022 only requires a competent person to conduct the test and tag service. A person can be competent if he is familiar with test and tag regulations and has undergone relevant training to conduct the service. Only then can a competent person become qualified to conduct test and tag.

Working with a qualified electrician when performing electrical testing and tagging is crucial for ensuring the safety and compliance of your workplace. Qualified electricians possess the necessary expertise, technical competence, and knowledge of regulations to conduct accurate and thorough inspections.

Step #4: Implement Your Schedule

Once you have established your testing and tagging schedule, it is crucial to effectively implement and maintain it in order to maximize workplace safety. Follow testing and tagging intervals for your workplace or office in Bolivar.

Also, maintaining accurate records of testing and tagging activities is essential. You should have a record of the dates of inspections, test results, any identified issues, and the actions taken to address them. Keeping comprehensive records helps track the compliance of equipment and aids in future inspections. It also serves as evidence of the proactive measures taken to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

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Reasons To Create A Test and Tag Bolivar Schedule

  • Creating a test and tag schedule is vital for businesses to ensure that their equipment is tested on time. A well-planned schedule helps in systematically organizing the testing and tagging activities, ensuring that each piece of electrical equipment undergoes inspection within the specified intervals.
  • It helps businesses save money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs in the future. When you regularly test and tag electrical appliances, you can promptly detect faults or defects in electrical equipment. When you give the timely repairs they need, you can prevent minor problems from escalating into major failures that require extensive repairs or replacements.
  • Creating a testing and tagging schedule is an important part of keeping employees safe in the workplace. It allows you to streamline processes and prevent instances when you simply forget to call your test and tag technician. By adhering to a schedule, businesses can foster a culture of safety and create a secure work environment.
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