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Test and Tag St Kilda SA – Do I Need To Test And Tag New Equipment?

In general, newly purchased electrical equipment does not need to be tested upon purchase. However, under AS/NZS 3760:2022 they must still be tagged upon introduction to your Adelaide workplace. The tag will indicate that the equipment is newly bought by the company and have not simply been missed in the previous round of test and tag.

The tag will have a “New to Service” label and the date when it will be tested and tagged. This tells the employees that they’re using new equipment. But most importantly, this tells that the company is sincerely following the Australian Standards and is keeping the workplace as electrically safe as possible.

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How Often Does Test And Tag Need To Be Done?

Test and tag frequencies vary by state in Australia. In truth, you can never do enough when it comes to the safety of your employees and guests. However, for those who run a business that involve electrical works or at least use electrical appliances, regardless of whether they are hostile operating environments or non-hostile, test and tag requirements assure everyone in your workplace the level of safety that they deserve. Moreover, it is your legal obligation as an employee or a company owner to have electrical equipment or appliances in the workplace tested and tagged for compliance. Below is a short summary of the intervals.

  • 3 months – Hire equipment
  • 3 months – Businesses operating in a hostile environment such as construction, mining, and demolition
  • 6 months – Factories, workshops, manufacturing companies, or fabrication plants
  • 6 months – Equipment that are used for commercial cleaning; single insulated equipment used for manufacturing work
  • 12 months – Working environment where the electrical cord is subject to constant flexing due to normal use or is prone to abuse such as in a hostile environment; double insulated equipment used for manufacturing work
  • 2 years – Businesses in residential type areas like hotels, motels, apartments, hotels, and accommodation houses
  • 5 years – Working environment where the electrical cord is not prone to constant flexing or not exposed to abuse; office work can also fall into this interval
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What Happens If I Skip Test and Tag St Kilda SA?

Not everyone sees the essence to test and tag appliances or electrical equipment in the workplace. This is most especially true when a piece of electrical equipment is relatively new. Unfortunately, this poses a risk to everyone who gets access to an electric-powered tool or appliance. What if your employee accidentally touches an exposed wire or plugged a defective item? Or what if a fire suddenly transpires in your office due to a faulty appliance?

At The Local Guys – Test and Tag St Kilda SA, we believe that it is crucial to perform regular appliance testing and tagging, no matter how old or new an item is. New items must be visually inspected and tagged as “New To Service” accordingly. After all, no one wants to experience electric shock or other potential electrical hazards due to a faulty appliance. To give you a more precise grasp of the importance of test and tag, here are the usual risks associated with faulty appliances.

#1 Increased risk for electrocution
If you work in a cramped space and your appliance develops damage, it becomes difficult to prevent electrical shock. This happens when you accidentally touch an exposed wire after the insulation has worn out. An electrical shock can cause injury or even death when the voltage is higher.

#2: Faulty appliances can cause damage
Electrical equipment that has not undergone regular testing can increasingly become vulnerable to damage. It can also cause damages to your property and more potential problems that can lead to costly repair. For instance, an exposed wire may cause electrocution or it may spark and overheat, leading to fires. Moreover, appliances that involve water, such as washing machines or dishwashers, can develop leaks that may cause water damage to floors, walls, and other structures.

#3 Increase difficulty of managing risks
If equipment is not regularly tested and tagged, it can lead to increased difficulty in managing risks in workplaces and homes. Testing and tagging plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and functionality of electrical equipment. By neglecting this important process, potential hazards may go unnoticed, increasing the likelihood of accidents, electrical fires, or other dangerous incidents. Without proper testing, faulty equipment may remain in use, posing a significant risk to individuals and property. Testing and tagging helps identify potential issues early on, allowing for timely repairs or replacements to be made, reducing the chances of accidents or damage. It is essential to prioritize regular testing and tagging to effectively manage risks and maintain a safe environment for everyone.

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Hire Test and Tag St Kilda SA

When it comes to managing electrical risks in St Kilda SA, hiring a professional test and tag service can provide valuable support. Test and Tag St Kilda SA offers expert technicians who are trained in inspecting and testing electrical equipment to ensure its safety and compliance with regulations. By outsourcing this service, businesses and homeowners in St Kilda SA can benefit from the expertise and experience of professionals who understand the specific requirements and standards in the area.

Test and Tag St Kilda SA can help identify and rectify any faults or potential hazards in electrical equipment, reducing the risk of accidents, electrical fires, or damage. With their comprehensive testing and tagging services, businesses and homeowners can demonstrate their commitment to safety and create a secure environment for employees, customers, and residents. Don’t compromise on electrical safety—hire Test and Tag St Kilda SA for peace of mind and effective risk management.

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