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Test and Tag Osborne Park – All About Double-Insulated Appliances

Have you noticed any double-insulated appliances in your workplace? Have you ever tested and tagged them for safety compliance? If not, then it is time you consider hiring a test and tag company to make sure your business or workplace is safe.

The Local Guys – Test and Tag Osborne Park provides the expertise you need to have your Perth electrical checks. By regularly testing and tagging electrical appliances in your workplace, you can improve safety of employees and customers, as well as demonstrate compliance with electrical safety regulations. We recommend engaging the services of a professional test and tag provider who can conduct accurate testing and proper tagging. This will provide peace of mind and maintain a high level of security in the workplace. 

What Are Double-Insulated Appliances?

So, what are double insulated appliances?  Double insulated appliances, also known as Class II appliances, are electrical devices designed with an additional layer of insulation or other safety mechanisms that eliminate the need for an earth connection.

Unlike earthed appliances that rely on a grounding wire for protection, double insulated appliances are designed to provide an extra level of insulation to prevent electric shock hazards. The following are some examples of earth appliances:

  • computers
  • refrigerators
  • washing machines
  • power tools
  • audio-visual equipment

Earthed Appliances Vs. Double-Insulated Appliances?

Double Insulated appliances belong to Class II Appliances under AS/NZ 3760:2022. These appliances come with a third pin being the grounding pin. It is important to note that even though double insulated appliances do not require an earth connection, they should still undergo regular testing and inspection to ensure the integrity of their insulation and overall electrical safety. This helps to identify any potential faults, damage, or wear that could compromise their safety and functionality.

What To Expect During Test And Tag Osborne Park Of Double-Insulated Appliances

Double-insulated appliances, being designed without an earth connection, undergo a slightly different testing and tagging process compared to earthed appliances. Here is an overview of how testing and tagging is typically conducted for double-insulated appliances:


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Visual Inspection: The process begins with a thorough visual inspection of the appliance. Trained technicians examine the exterior, power cord, plug, and other visible components for any signs of damage, wear, or defects. This includes checking for frayed cables, exposed wires, loose connections, or any physical damage that may compromise the safety or performance of the appliance.

Insulation Resistance Test: The insulation resistance test is a critical part of testing double-insulated appliances. It measures the insulation level between live conductors and exposed metal parts of the appliance. The test ensures that the insulation is intact and provides adequate protection against electrical shocks. Insulation resistance is typically measured using specialised testing equipment to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Functional Testing: In addition to insulation resistance testing, functional testing is performed on double-insulated appliances. This involves verifying the proper operation of the appliance’s functions, controls, and safety features. The appliance is operated to ensure that it functions correctly, without any abnormalities or malfunctions that could pose safety risks.

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Tagging and Documentation: If the double-insulated appliance passes the visual and electrical tests, it is labeled with a test and tag label. The label includes important information such as the test date, technician’s name or ID, and the next scheduled test date. This tagging and documentation process helps track the appliance’s testing history, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and facilitating future inspections.


Testing and tagging double-insulated appliances are no game for rookies. It is important that you connect with qualified and trained professionals to perform the service for you. Moreover, the latest AS/NZ 3760:2022 now requires test and tag companies to keep up to date with their skills and experience. 

The Local Guys – Test and Tag Osborne Park have the expertise and knowledge to conduct the required tests accurately, ensuring the electrical safety of the appliances and compliance with industry standards. Regular testing and tagging of double-insulated appliances help identify any potential faults, maintain their safety, and provide peace of mind for users. Contact us to get a free, no-obligation quote.

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