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Electrical appliances working well is a satisfactory relief. However, it will be a problem if it is not in working order. Such appliances may cause damage to the house, and in the worst scenario, a short circuit may occur. Defective appliances immediately need an inspection, and only a trained and experienced person will be able to do it. Everyone wants to have safe and secure electrical appliances in working condition, and they can only be maintained if you test these appliances. Various companies offer test and tag services, but their unprofessionalism may distance people away from it. If you live in Mandurah and are looking for Test and Tag services, you are in the right place.

Who we are:

If you are a new resident living in Mandurah or other Perth subrubs and looking for a team to solve your appliance’s issue, then it would be perfect timing to contact us. The Local Guys – Test and Tag provides a range of services that deal to save your appliance from any defects. Our services in Mandurah have got recognition with an increase in the number of satisfied customers. Our vision is to work under a licensed certificate of regulatory standard purposes in Australia and also report back to the customer when any additional services are needed in the future.

Our services:

We offer a wide range of services of Test and Tag. Damage appliances should be immediately restored to avoid any electrical hazard. Following are the test and tag services that will help scrutinize the problem through qualified staff.

Testing of appliances:

Testing electrical devices need to be done to operate them for a longer period. The test includes three steps; to observe default in plugs or cords, test performed via PAT device to ensure the insulation of appliances, and report each detail when testing is done.

Testing of fire extinguisher:

The fire extinguisher test and tag process are done by seeing the location, labels, height, and pressure gauge reading to assess its condition. An inspection report will be made with the addition of future recommendations.

Electrical Test and Tag:

Electrical Test and Tagging is the process of performing a visual inspection of an appliance. Once it has passed this test, an electrical test is performed on the appliance. Finally, the item is recorded in a report & a label is placed on the appliance cord.

Testing of Fire Blanket:

The test criteria include the inspection process to see the blanket condition and suggest its location. Reporting is done on each blanket to record tests and actions to take in the future.

Testing of RCD devices:

RCD can also be referred to as safety switches that trigger when emergency electric shock occurs. Test of Push button and tripping test is done to see the respondence of a switch.

Testing of smoke detector:

A defective smoke detector at home may cause fatalities and injuries to your loved ones. The test and tag process for the smoke detector is to examine the reason for its not working, a test to see the battery, and Push-button condition to determine the effectiveness of the alarm.

Testing of leakage from microwave:

Microwave leakage occurs when its condition deteriorates and impose health risk on the user. Our testing service for microwaves includes scrutinizing the outer appearance of microwaves to assess their features and a test for radiation to see the radiation does not exceed its recommended level. Lastly, reporting is necessary to have a record of testing and be used in the future.

The Areas we services in Perth are:
Test and Tag AlbanyTest and Tag BusseltonTest and Tag BunburyTest and Tag MandurahTest and Tag KewdaleTest and Tag FremantleTest and Tag CanningtonTest and Tag Canning ValeTest and Tag WoodlandsTest and Tag Wembley DownsTest and Tag Watermans BayTest and Tag TriggTest and Tag ScarboroughTest and Tag Osborne ParkTest and Tag North BeachTest and Tag KarrinyupTest and Tag InnalooTest and Tag GwelupTest and Tag DoubleviewTest and Tag ChurchlandsTest and Tag Carine

test and tag Elizabeth

Safety always comes first!

We have the best Test and Tag Technicians in Australia. We provide full reporting, certificates of compliance.  We will even notify you next time your testing is due.

    Test and Tag Melbourne

    Test and Tag Services We Offer

    The Local Guys-Test and Tag are reliable online service providers where you can get a wide range of Fire and Electrical Testing facilities. These services will protect you and your business in all sorts of ways, without causing any trouble in making arrangements with several other companies.

    What is included in our services? Once the complete testing is done, you will receive

    • A complete report of the process
    • Compliance certificate with an expiry date of your testing
    • The note will be shared if qualified technicians advise or inform you about something.
    • The reminder will be sent when your next service is due, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

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    Testing of emergency light:

    The testing process of these lights in emergency exit involves visualizing inspection to see the location and working of lights, a test of battery, and reporting is mandatory to keep track of test and tag.

    Other Areas We Service

    • Halls Head
    • Greenfields
    • Meadow Springs
    • Dawesville
    • Dudley Park
    • Lakelands
    • Falcon
    • Erskine
    • Coodanup
    • Parklands
    • North Yunderup
    • South Yunderup
    • Furnissdale
    • Pinjarra
    • North Pinjarra
    • Coodanup
    • Madora Bay
    • Silver Sands

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