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Test and Tag Bunbury – Appliance Testing Services, You Can Rely on!

The Local Guys Offer Electrical test and tag services for all residents and businesses present in Bunbury. We have teams of professionals who are fully licensed and qualified for carrying out testing and tagging procedure in Perth. Whether your business is a factory, shop, construction site or office, as an employer, it is the Law to ensure Workspace occupational health and safety according to Australian Safety Standards.

Why The Local Guys Test and Tag Bunbury Team?

Having your workplace tested and tagged regularly minimizes the risk of having one of your employees or clients injured and ensures that your workplace is 100% safe. All business owners and managers must make sure that their workplaces are safe in accordance with Compliance & Work Health Safety Standards.

All the risks of electrical problems must be controlled and the only way to do so is to find the best test and tag Bunbury company to inspect and maintain all your electrical appliances and make sure that they are safe to use.

The Local Guys company has been in the testing and tagging industry for years and our test and tag Bunbury team has the experience and knowledge to keep any workplace safe and in compliance with Australian Standards.

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    Want to be sure you are selecting the right Test and Tag Company in Bunbury

    With our professional Test and Tag Bunbury services, we identify any hazard associated with the electrical equipment. Besides, we take essential measures to eliminate all possible risks that should not be present in any safe workplace. Regular testing and tagging measures prevent any electrical accidents, shocks or any disaster right from the beginning.

    Backed by the years of experience in this field, we ensure the business is compliant. Our professional makes sure that all electrical appliances are fault-free to keep your workforce safe so that they can work together to meet your requirements.

    The Areas we services in Perth are:
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    Safety always comes first!

    At the Local Guys, we have one of the finest teams of technicians who work passionately to accomplish the demand of their customers. We have a clear understanding of how serious and competitive our work is; that’s why we do our best to avoid any mistake resulting in electrical accidents at the workplace. Besides, we also ensure that your place is compatible according to the insurance requirements.

    Our professionals believe in making informed decisions, so we explain all test and tag services stages and pursue if you agree with us. We have access to the best and latest technologies and place clear tags to make you remember the next date of inspection.

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      Test and Tag Services We Offer

      The Local Guys-test and Tag is a one-stop-shop for all your electrical and fire testing needs. We only want to support businesses to protect themselves from loss without making many arrangements.

      Willing to know what all is included in our service profile? Once we complete testing, we will share with you,

      • Detailed reporting
      • A genuine certificate of compliance with an expiry date of testing
      • Any information or advice our experienced technicians share with you
      • We will take responsibility for informing you about the next due service- so you don’t need to worry.

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      Ensure the safety of your equipment with professional test and tag from The Local Guys. Call today!

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Are tests and tags mandatory in Bunbury?

      When considering the test and tag intervals and how often any electrical appliance should be tested. The major underlying factor is the type of environment the appliance is generally located. In many workplaces will be having various frequencies of test and tag due to their individual risk management as well as OHS planning. Depending on the state where you are operating. “Its safety regulations or the present Australian standard”. Will be specifying how often you require to get a test and tag done for your electrical appliances, safety switches, and so on.

      Who can perform test and tag action?

      The employer hires an experienced and professional company for the testing and tagging of equipment. The local Guys is a competent company as we have the unique combination of skills, knowledge, experience and training essential in this process.

      What is the basic qualification for testing and tagging?

      A test and tag course ensure that you have the required knowledge and skills to test and tag according to Australian standards; this implies over the companies. Apart from that, they also have relevant experience and qualifications in this direction.

      Do I need to test my power boards & are they safe?

      How to Use Power Boards Correctly?
      Power boards may look like they are simple to use. However, we found out that most people do not use them correctly. Power boards should only be used for low-current electric appliances such as TVs, laptops, computers, and phone chargers. It is important to avoid using them with high current appliances and equipment such as kettles, heaters, and fans.

      This will minimize the risk of overloading your power board. If overloading occurs, your appliances may be at high risk of damage and of course, your workplace will not be safe.

      What Does Power Board Piggybacking Mean? And Why Should You Stop It?

      Piggybacking power boards off other power boards is one of the most common and extremely dangerous mistakes in many homes and workplaces. Piggybacking increases the risk of overloading your power boards significantly, which will definitely lead to electrical shocks and fires. It can damage your equipment and appliances and put your workplace or home at high risk.

      The right way to use power boards without overloading them is to have one power board to one wall socket.

      What Is Power Board Surge Protection? And Why Should Workplaces Have It?

      If you want to increase the safety of your workplace or home, you should replace your existing power boards with upgraded surge protection. It is available at most convenience stores.

      Upgraded Surge Protection will minimize the risk of electrical shock and damage to your appliances significantly.

      Why Should You Get Your Power Boards Tested and Tagged Regularly?
      The Australian market is full of many electrical appliances and items at cheap prices. Cheap power boards mean that they are low quality since they are imported from countries that do not care too much about quality control.
      On the other hand, Australia cares about safety.

      Most people think that since the item is new, the quality should be good, and it should be safe. But this is not always true.
      That is why you should get all your electrical appliances including new items and power boards checked regularly to make sure that they are working properly and in the right electrical order. This is the only way to ensure the safety of your workplace and avoid any electrical problems.

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