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Test and Tag Hyde Park

Test and Tag Hyde Park – Does Your Workplace Have A Testing And Tagging Table?

Hyde Park, located near Brisbane, is a bustling area known for its vibrant business center, offices, and workplaces. With the heavy reliance on electrical equipment and appliances in these sectors, it becomes crucial to prioritise electrical safety. Employers and business owners in Hyde Park should take proactive measures to comply with relevant electrical safety regulations and guidelines.

By engaging qualified electricians or test and tag professionals, workplaces in Hyde Park can ensure that appliances, tools, and other electrical devices are safe for use. This systematic approach helps identify any potential electrical hazard, therefore reducing the risk of electrical accidents, fires, or disruptions.

Managing Electrical Risks In The Workplace

Any person conducting a business or running a workplace must ensure that electrical equipment are tested and tagged regularly for safety. It doesn’t only keep employees safe but it also helps you save financially in the long run. You should test and tag if your workplace is any of the following:

Supplied with electricity using an electrical socket outlet
Used in an environment which normally use of equipment exposes them to operating conditions that exposes them to wear and tear

Watch out for appliances or electrical equipment that are exposed to moisture, heat, vibration, and mechanical damage. The reason why the authorities are stringent when it comes to electricity is that it has its own inherent risks. A faulty appliance can easily cause injury or even death to someone who uses it. For instance, employees of salons can be exposed to electrical dangers if they happen to use flat irons with an exposed wire.

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Test And Tag Hyde Park As Legislative Requirement

While not all workplaces are mandated to test and tag, industries such as construction, demolition, and mining must test and tag their appliances every three months. This is because of the harsh conditions that electrical appliances are exposed to in these environments.

Some examples of electrical equipment that must be tested and tagged are forklifts, electrical saws, electric drillers, and many more. Considering the harsh conditions, electrical equipment in these environments are prone to quick damage. A regular test and tag can help employers know whether these items are still safe for use at work.

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Duty of Care For Employers

It is a duty of care for employers to ensure that everyone in the workplace is safe. This means that if any employee is hurt due to an accident, whether electrically related or not, the employer could be held answerable for such an accident. Test and tag is just a quick risk assessment for electrical appliances that helps determine electrical faults so you can plan for a timely repair.

If you, as an employer, fail to fulfill their duty of care and an employee is injured as a result of using an appliance that was not tested or deemed unsafe. You could potentially be held liable for the harm caused. The injured employee may have grounds to pursue a legal claim seeking compensation for their injuries.

A Competent Person To Perform Test and Tag

According to AS/NZS 3760:2022, a “Competent Person” is defined as someone who has acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake testing and tagging of electrical equipment. This competence can be achieved by completing a test and tag course, which typically takes around 1 day to complete. During this course, participants learn how to use a Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) effectively and gain the necessary understanding of electrical safety principles and testing procedures.


Engaging a qualified and competent Test and Tag specialist is important for businesses. If you need help, you can contact The Local Guys – Test and Tag Hyde Park. Our team is focused on helping employers and businesses owners achieve a safer working environment and provide peace of mind to employers and employees alike. Outsourcing testing and tagging with the right people not only helps mitigate potential electrical hazards but also demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being and adherence to legal obligations.

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