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Why Should You Put Your Trust In Test and Tag Noosa Heads?

Testing electrical appliances is essential in order to make sure that your family and employees are 100% safe from any electrical hazards. However, meeting Health and Safety requirements is usually complicated. Besides, it can be a time-consuming issue.
If you are a business owner, you already have a lot on your plate. Running a business is already hard. That is why The Local Guys of Test and Tag Noosa Heads are here to help.
We are Australia’s experts in testing and monitoring electrical appliances. We will help you not only to keep your employees safe but also to meet the Australian Standards.
Rest assured and we will take care of your Brisbane business. Our job is to work closely with our clients and provide them with the best services at reasonable rates. Your workplace will be compliant with Health and Safety Standards, and we support our clients for insurance purposes if required. In a nutshell, you can trust us because we will do whatever you need to stay safe and meet any requirements!

What to Expect from Test and Tag Noosa Heads Service?

The Test and Tag Noosa Heads team of experts in testing and tagging electrical appliances in Noosa Heads and all over Australia. With our extensive knowledge, we will keep your workplace safe and compliant with the updated legislation. Besides, all our clients say that our communication is outstanding.
If you have any questions, our experts will answer them happily and explain in detail everything you need to understand. You can expect the following:
• Qualified, insured, licensed, and knowledgeable team of electricians attending to your business.
• All the information you need about electrical safety and legislation.
• Clear answers to all your questions about electricity and electrical safety.
• Clear discussions about your workplace testing and tagging services.
• Comprehensive, safe, and correct testing and tagging with clear reports about everything we will do.

The Areas we services in Brisbane are:

Brisbane, Caboolture, Caloundra, Cleveland, Kawana, Maroochydore, Nambour, Noosa, Noosa Heads, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Enoggera, Strathpine, Townsville, Townsville South, Burdekin, Bowen, Charters Towers, Stuart, Ross Island, Hyde Park

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What Is a Hostile Environment?

Some work environments are considered hostile where the life span of electrical appliances will be reduced due to many factors such as physical abuse, corrosion, and humidity. Workplaces such as construction and demolition sites are considered hostile.
Testing and tagging electrical appliances in hostile environments should be done regularly to avoid any electrical hazards. Of course, there are levels of hostility. The more hostile your work environment is, the more frequently the appliances should be tested.
Test and Tag Melbourne

Is It Necessary to Test and Tag Brand-New Equipment?

If you installed brand new electrical equipment (not a second-hand item), it should be tagged as “New to Service” without testing it. The tagging will include when the next testing should be.
Notice that even new items brought directly from stores are susceptible to non-compliance. They can be unsafe due to faulty wiring, earthing, or any other reason. That is why we recommend testing and tagging new items to have the peace of mind that your item is safe and working properly.

What Is an RCD? And Why Does It Need Testing?

RCD or Residual Current Device is a safety switch. This switch is very sensitive and designed to trip (stop electricity to faulty electrical appliances) to avoid dangerous electrical situations.
It is crucial to test RCDs to make sure that the trip times are effective in preventing electrical disasters. Any delay or fault with RCDs can lead to electrocution, which can be fatal.

The Local Guys – Test and Tag Noosa Heads Favorite Choice

Worrying about your workplace safety and compliance with Australian Standards can be time-consuming and put a lot of stress on business owners. At The Local Guys, we get that. All you need to do is to contact us and we will take care of everything for you. To make sure that we have the proper experience and commitment to your business, meet Jarrad, Stacey, and all the people behind our brand. Go through our business to see how dedicated we are to our clients!

Ensure the safety of your equipment with professional Test and Tag Noosa Heads. Call today!

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