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When was the last time you tested and tagged equipment in your school? Did you know that your liability is higher if accidents happen in school, considering the risks involved with your workers? There are several appliances in schools that need to be tested and tagged. The Local Guys – Test and Tag Stuart has a range of specialist equipment that can be used for testing and tagging electrical appliances in schools.

Appliances That Need To Be Tested and Tagged In Schools

In schools, various electrical appliances and equipment may require testing and tagging to ensure electrical safety. While specific requirements can vary based on local regulations and guidelines, the following are some common examples of appliances and equipment that may need to be tested and tagged in Brisbane schools:

Computers and laptops
Printers and photocopiers
Projectors and interactive whiteboards
Audiovisual equipment, such as speakers and microphones
Laboratory equipment, including electrical devices used in science experiments
Kitchen appliances in school canteens or cooking facilities, such as ovens, microwaves, and toasters
Power tools used in workshops or maintenance tasks
Extension cords and power boards
Portable heaters or fans
Electrical appliances in staff rooms, such as kettles, coffee machines, and refrigerators

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Test and Tag Stuart Intervals For Schools

The testing intervals for electrical appliances and equipment in schools may vary depending on various factors, including local regulations, the type of equipment, and the specific needs of the school. In general, testing and tagging in schools can be done every 1-5 years.

Portable electrical appliances typically require testing and tagging at regular intervals to ensure their ongoing safety. A common recommendation is to conduct testing and tagging annually for most portable appliances used in schools. This includes items such as computers, printers, projectors, audiovisual equipment, kitchen appliances, and power tools.

However, when new electrical equipment is introduced, it is essential to conduct tagging to confirm their safety and compliance. This applies to both portable and fixed equipment. Once the initial testing is completed, the equipment can then be integrated into the regular testing and tagging schedule.

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Tips For Managing Electrical Risks For Schools

Managing electrical risks in schools is crucial to ensure the safety of students, staff, and visitors. Here are some tips to help schools effectively manage electrical risks:

Regular Inspections: Conduct routine inspections of electrical systems, equipment, and appliances to identify any signs of damage, wear, or potential hazards. Check for frayed cords, loose connections, damaged outlets, and faulty switches. Promptly repair or replace any identified issues.

Implement a Testing and Tagging Program: Establish a testing and tagging program to assess the electrical safety of appliances and equipment. Engage qualified professionals to perform regular testing and tagging according to local regulations and standards. Keep track of inspection dates and schedule future tests as needed.

Educate Staff and Students: Provide training and awareness programs to staff and students on electrical safety practices. Teach them about potential hazards, safe usage of electrical devices. As they said, the best power is knowledge. So, when staff and students are knowledgeable about electrical safety practices such as stowing away devices that are not in use to a safe place or unplugging portable equipment before leaving the premises, it adds up to electrical safety in the workplace.

Safety Policies and Procedures: Develop and communicate clear safety policies and procedures regarding electrical equipment use, storage, and maintenance. Emphasise the importance of reporting any electrical hazards or malfunctions promptly to the appropriate authorities.

Emergency Preparedness: Establish emergency procedures for electrical incidents, including fires or electrical shocks. Conduct drills and ensure that staff and students are aware of evacuation routes, emergency contacts, and the use of fire extinguishers or other safety equipment.


Testing and tagging appliances and other electrical equipment in schools is important. By regularly inspecting electrical appliances, you create a culture of safety and awareness for your staff. If you need help, feel free to contact The Local Guys – Test and Tag Stuart.

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