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“Test and Tag” is the process of checking how safe your portable electrical appliances are. The process consists of two parts.
First, the electrical appliance is visually inspected for visible damages, and then it is electrically tested using a Portable Appliance Tester. After Testing it, a tag is placed on the item to confirm that it has been tested. The tag includes certain information such as when the appliance was tested, who tested it, and when it should be tested again.
The main reason for testing and tagging your electrical appliances is to minimize the risk of electrical hazards. All workplaces in Brisbane must test and tag their appliances to make sure that the people using them are 100% safe.

What Is AS/NZS 3760?

The AS/NZS 3760 is the Australian Standard regulating the testing and tagging industry. It ensures the safety of workplaces and sets out several recommendations for certain testing and tagging issues such as who is qualified to test and tag electrical appliances, the intervals between testing and tagging electrical items, and more guidelines.
Our professional test and tag Caloundra team follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of your appliances.

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Who Must Test and Tag?

All workplaces must test and tag their appliances. For example, construction, demolition, and mining industries must have their appliances tested and tagged every 3 months. These industries are harsh on electrical appliances which usually get damaged or develop electrical faults fast.
The tagging colors used change throughout the year (Every 3 months) to ensure that the workplace is constantly testing the appliances.
Other workplaces are also obligated to test and tag their electrical appliances now and then according to the Australian Standards. Business owners and employers are responsible for the safety of their employees and workers. If an employee is injured and the appliance is not tested, it is liable.
Moreover, before an appliance is used in a workplace, it must be inspected visually by a professional testing and tagging electrician to ensure that it works properly. Once installed, the appliance must be tested and tagged regularly as well. Our Test and Tag Caloundra team will definitely explain to you your duties and everything else related to testing and tagging.
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Who Is Qualified toTest and Tag Electrical Appliances?

Most people think that electricians are the only persons who are qualified to test and tag electrical appliances. However, the AS/NZS 3760:2010 says that anyone who is “Competent” can test and tag electrical equipment. Anyone can be qualified to test and tag electrical appliances by taking a test and tag comprehensive course. The course will provide the person with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to test and tag appliances, use a PAT tester and learn more about electricity and electrical items in general.
Of course, it is not a one-time course. Qualified persons need to stay certified by taking more courses and updating their certificates. Besides, they must stay updated with any changes to the Australian Standards, learn the latest skills, and acquire more general knowledge as they proceed in this career.

Why The Local Guys – Test and Tag Caloundra Team Is the Best?

At The Local Guys, we have one of the best local electricians who specialize in workplace safety. Of course, all our electricians are fully licensed and have the proper and latest skills and knowledge to handle any kind of work environment.
Our technicians will test and tag your electrical equipment under the AS/NZS 3760:2010 and AS/NZS 3012:2018. Instead of calling an electrician every time you need to test and tag your equipment, our Test and Tag Caloundra team will always be here for you!
If you need more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Stay safe with the local guys!

Ensure the safety of your equipment with professional test and tag from The Local Guys. Call today!

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