Learn All About Various Types of RCD

Learn All About Various Types of RCD

RCD or residual current device is a piece of fundamental protection equipment in an electrical system. An RCD is used primarily to guard a person against serious electrical damage. If there is a fault with an instrument in the home, the RCD reacts to the surge and cuts the flow. The RCD is meant to react immediately. The residual current device supervises the electric current and the moment any unusual activity arises, the device quickly responds.

Use of RCD

A device that stops the continual current is one that can prevent many issues in the electrical systems. It can be classified as a lifesaver in this regard, because of the protection it provides. An RCD prevents several non-fatal wounds and electrocutions in the residential and industrial sectors where power is required. Residual current devices are usually placed by equipped testers who regularly pair it with a used unit to line the device and connect it to the electrical system.

Different Types of RCD 


For private purposes, only the initial five of the following listed residual current devices (RCD) require to be displayed. For manufacturing and industrial buildings, all of the organizations require to be displayed.

  • RCCB

(Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker) A piece of routine switching equipment intended to create, support, and split currents under normal service requirements and to take the chance of the connections when the residual current achieves a given value under detailed requirements. It is not intended to give security on circuit overloads and/or short-circuits and must be in connection with an overcurrent protecting tools such as circuit breakers or fuses.

  • RCBO

(Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker with Protection of Integral Overcurrent). This is just the same as RCCB except for the fact that in addition it is intended to give security against overloads within its calculated short-circuit capacity.

  • SRCD

(Socket-Outlet including a Residual Current Device). A socket-outlet for set fittings including an entire sensing line that will cause the switching connections automatically in the central circuit to start at a predestined amount of residual drift.


(Fused Connection Unit with a RCD). A fused joint unit for established connections joining an integral sensing circuit that will on its own make the switching connections in the principal circuit to begin at a decided rate of residual current.

  • PRCD

(Portable Residual Current Device). A system combining a plug, an RCD, and one or more major socket-outlets (or a plan for connection). It may include overcurrent security.

Major Socket-Outlets

  • CBR

(Circuit Breaker incorporating Residual Current Protection). An overcurrent protection provider. This circuit breaker incorporates residual current protection through an Integral CBR or by blending with a residual current system.

  • RCM

(Residual Current Monitor). A device intended to control electrical connections or lines for the appearance of troubled fault currents of the earth. It does not include any tripping equipment or overcurrent security.

  • MRCD

(Modular Residual Current Device). An individually installed equipment including residual current screen, not having overcurrent security, and intelligent of providing a sign to trip an incorporated switching device

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