How To Check A Safety Switch

How To Check A Safety Switch

Safety switches in circuit boards have a unique design to prevent any electrical hazards to people and save their lives. These switches need checking at regular intervals to ensure they work properly without any issues. While testing the safety switch is easy, only a registered and expert technician with experience can offer comprehensive testing and offer detailed reports. If you wish for hassle-free testing and detailed report, then The Local Guys Test & Tag offers the best experience. With more than a decade of working in the industry, you get the highest levels of service from the expert team for testing and reporting. All work carried out by the team is following AS/NZ 3760 regulations as well as the strict Australian standards. Here are the ways to check the safety switch by the experts.

Locate Switchboard And Identify RCD Circuits

Circuit Breaker

The first step is to locate the safety switches in the RCD circuit. In most cases, people can confuse safety switches with circuit breakers and fuses. But, each has its task in the circuit. The safety switches are responsible for monitoring the electricity flow through the circuit. It turns off the power in a fraction of a second when it detects current leakage. The experts at The Local Guys Test & Tag locate the switchboard with ease and identify RCD protected circuits.

Check And Clean

The next step is to check the switchboard door hinge as well as its locking mechanism to ensure it is working properly. The weatherproof seal is also checked by the test and tag team. The team also cleans the general area and outside the region of the switchboard.

Barcode RCD Circuit

RCD Circuit

The RCD circuits are barcoded for completing the tracking and data management procedure.

Safety Switch Testing

The Local Guys Test & Tag has two methods for testing to ensure your employees remain safe from any electrical hazards.

  • Push-Button Test

Push Button Test

It is the test to confirm the operational status of RCD. Only a competent person can perform the test to ensure it is safe. During the test, the test and tag team test that the RCD will trip during earth leakage. So, the testing is to check RCD breaks the electrical circuit and protects people from electrocution or electric shock. When the team presses the test button, the RCD must detect imbalance and the switch will trip to an off position.

  • RCD Testing

RCD Testing

It is the process to check the safe tripping of RCD to know if it operates quickly to avoid electrical hazards. The Australian and New Zealand standards indicate the trip time to check if the RCD is tripping quickly or not. A quick tripping RCD is safe as it causes only a small shock. A correctly working RCD trips in as little as 40 milliseconds.

Offer Customers Comprehensive Report

It is important to record all the test results and suggest the necessary action needed to ensure safety. So, The Local Guys Test and Tag offers all information regarding the test results, which also includes the exact location of the safety switch. You also get information if the safety switch has passed or failed. The expert technician also offers the necessary recommendation for action. Based on the information, every company can take necessary action to keep their workplace safe for its employees.

RCD Testing Report

To improve productivity and avoid any accidents at the workplace, employers need to offer a safe and secure working environment. So, it is important to ensure all the electrical appliances and RCD circuit boards fulfil the obligation under AS/NZS 3760 Standard. Instead of assessing the safety by an amateur, you can access the assistance from experts like The Local Guys Test and Tag team. The team of experts offers comprehensive test & tag service for all businesses in every state in Australia. Click on to complete the testing effectively. With a unique testing process with minimal disruption to customers as well as the business, you get faster testing results at affordable costs.