Do Fire Extinguishers Really Expire? Learn All About It

Do Fire Extinguishers Really Expire? Learn All About It

Fire Extinguishers

Fire is important for various means but it can be really destructive. From the slightest stray cigarette, or any kind of short circuit, a fatal fire attack can occur. Such fires can only be tackled if there is a fire extinguisher. A fire extinguisher in such instances is the best help. Whatever the source of the flames, it is crucial to select the correct kind of extinguisher. It is vital to own fire extinguishers in your house, company, institution, clinic, and any additional place that people remain. Fire repellents are essential as they are more efficient in setting out the fire than other device.

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However, many people ask the question to whether fire extinguishers really expire. Reputable companies state that properly-maintained fire extinguishers can remain up to fifteen years. The fact is that majority of fire extinguishers do not begin with an end date, and it can be difficult to understand precisely when to substitute your fire extinguisher. In deciding when to substitute a fire extinguisher, it is important to know about the degree of its maintenance.

When can you call a fire extinguisher expired?

The contents present inside the fire extinguisher do not typically expire. Extinguishing tools are normally supplied with water or synthetic substance that is compressed with hot gas. On one hand, these elements don’t disintegrate, but the fire extinguisher can become depressurized, and the lack of stress makes the extinguisher inefficient. This can impact any type of fire extinguisher, and they will not be suitable for use.

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The lifespan of a Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers can last between five and fifteen years, however they all eventually perish and grow weak, irrespective of the contents inside.  Fire extinguishers that are used in households that are typically loaded with dry elements succumb to their charge in due time. Those with reduced gas can flow contents gradually as their ties loosen, while over the years, those with ammonium phosphate will thicken making the complete device unusable.

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When you purchase pressurized water, wet chemical extinguisher, or a separate carbon dioxide extinguisher, you can assume it will last the minimum of five years. For hard chemical extinguishers, the minimum lifespan is 10 to 12 years. In case the extinguisher is used, it can be restored and put back into storage for an added 6 to 12 years, until the following hydrostatic analysis is needed.

Repair or service an extinguisher immediately if it’s been used, or if any of the following apply:

  • The tube or vent is broken, cut, or obstructed with debris.
  • The locking clip on the holder is missing or broken.
  • The holder is unbalanced or damaged.
  • The examination sticker or tag, with a record of check-ups and sustenance, is missing.

This overtime, circumstances such as oxidation and corrosion can make a fire extinguisher incapable to function correctly.

This is why your extinguishers must be examined and questioned at the frequent periods. In such a situation, the most suitable answer is to adhere to a professional test and tag company. These company experts will come and test the extinguisher and check if they need to be replaced or mark as dangerous and pose a threat. In the case of a dangerous item, it will be tagged accordingly. One of the most renowned companies that can be of immense help is The Local Guys.

Fire Extinguishers Really Expire

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