How Does Testing and Tagging Electrical Equipment Work?

How Does Testing and Tagging Electrical Equipment Work?

Testing and tagging of electrical equipment are essential as it assists in determining if it is electrically safe to operate it. When you test and tag electrical equipment, it manages the health as well as safety risks required in the 147 regulation. Tag means recording the inspection and testing refers to checking the safety of the electrical equipment. As a business owner, it is up to you to decide whether you want to test and tag the equipment in your workplace by an individual or a third-party company with the experience to carry out the testing. But, to ensure the work is carried out by a qualified electrician with experience and skill, you need to seek dedicated services like The Local Guys Test & Tag team. The team has highly qualified and experienced professionals who have the understandings of the Standard involved and fix problems revealed during the testing.

Understanding How Test And Tag Works

Appliance testing machine

The electrical equipment used in the commercial operation is tested and tagged to make sure it does not cause any hazards. When you seek assistance from The Local Guys Test & Tag team, you get dedicated services from experts with over a decade of experience. It ensures the work is carried out based strictly according to the AS/NZ 3760:2010 regulations. The nature and frequency of the inspection as well as testing depend on the workplace nature along with the electrical tagging equipment risks. So, equipment used outside like in construction sites needs frequent testing compared to the one sitting inside (like office computers).

Working Of Test And Tag

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Are you wondering how the actual process works? The electrical equipment is tested and tagged in two steps namely:

Regular Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection

During the visual inspection, the experts at The Local Guys identify the wear, damage or other conditions making the equipment unsafe. In most cases, the defects are easily detected by experts with a visual inspection.

Actual Testing

Regular testing is essential to detect electrical faults as well as deterioration of the electrical equipment, which can go undetected during a visual examination. The experts at The Local Guys perform thorough inspection and test for the following cases:

Actual Testing

  • Detect any defects, damage or modification to the electrical equipment like connectors, accessories, cord extension sockets or plugs.
  • Check for discoloration of the parts that point to exposure to moisture, chemical or heat.
  • Detect the integrity of insulation resistance.
  • Look for flexible cords damage as well as its flexibility,
  • Check the working of operating controls, covers, guards, etc. to ensure it works in an appropriate manner.
  • Detect any obstruction of exhausts and ventilation inlets.
  • Check current rating or electrical equipment as well as the plug matches.

Mandatory testing of electrical equipment is necessary under the following circumstances:

  • After you receive a product from servicing or repairing.
  • Before using it for the first time after buying it second-hand.

The Local Guy Test & Tag completes the testing of equipment as per the standards to ensure its safety.

Tagging Electrical Equipment

Electrician Tagging

After testing the equipment, it is marked with a durable tag containing information regarding the date of the test and the next due date of testing. In a commercial setting, the tagging helps determine the frequency of testing required to ensure its safety. The Local Guy Test and Tag team remove any equipment deemed unsafe. So, you can keep your employees safe from any potential electrical hazards caused due to the faulty equipment.

The Local Guy Test & Tag offers services across Australia to keep the work environment safe and ensure the customer’s complete satisfaction. Click on get services from experts with minimal disruptions and swift results without spending a lot of money. The faster and effective testing service ensures you get the best service at competitive prices.