Do You Have To Be A Professional Electrician To Test And Tag?

Do You Have To Be A Professional Electrician To Test And Tag?

Professional Electrician

Test and tagging of equipment is essential to ensure the appliance are safe for employee use. Employers need to avoid any possible accidents by ensuring protection. To offer legal insurance, you need to ensure test and tag by a properly trained technician that follows all the necessary standards. While a qualified electrician knows what they do, test and tag require a whole new level of competence. Without a professional electrician performing test and tag, you jeopardize the safety of the employee, as well as the equipment. The Local Guys Test & Tag is a compotent organization offering the best services to its customers. The team of professionals possesses the following:

  • Knowledge of how to use the test equipment in the right manner for test and tag.
  • Know the dangers of electricity.
  • An understanding of different classes of appliances and identify them with ease.
  • The requirements of standards, rules, and regulations related to test and tag.

Why Local Guys Test & Tag?

Electrician Testing

Apart from having the most qualified team of electricians for testing and tagging, The Local Guys has several other qualities. If you want to experience the following, always get in touch with the experts:

Get Services From Experienced Experts

Experienced Experts

The Local Guys Test & Tag team have over a decade of working in the industry and offering the best service to its customers. If you want the highest level of service, then you need to get assistance from the proficient team of experts. Customers can expect service from the best. We go above and beyond to ensure the work meets the strict Australian standards and regulations.

Test And Tag Without Disruption Of Operations

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The Local Guy Test & Tag offers its services all around Australia. The company has developed an process to ensure your business encounters minimal disruption while conducting the tests. The experts complete the test and tag effectively without any inconvenience. You receive the best service at competitive prices.

Assistance From The Highly Qualified Team

Highly Qualified electrician

With a fantastic team of qualified franchisees, the company offers test and tag service for any site. The team has police clearances, PPE (personal protective equipment), and public liability to serve customers from different fields like construction, mines, offices, hospitality, and schools.

Customer Satisfaction

The test & tag company has a scalable model to ensure it offers you 100% satisfaction. So, it keeps the clients loyal and ensures the continuous growth of the customer base. To keep the customers happy, the team gets feedback through the review system on every job to ensure they have no issues.

While it is not a requirement in Australia for people to have an electrical background to offer test and tag services, you can ensure the best services without any mishaps when you get assistance from professionals. While the Australian standards AS/NZS 3760:2022 state that only a competent person can undertake the test and tag, it is often offered by amateurs with no experience. So, people who have completed just a course offer the services. But, to ensure overall safety, you need the assistance of professionals with skills, knowledge, and experience. Click on to access assistance from experts with the specified qualities that offer the test and tag team the competence to predict any issue. It helps manage any issues and help you use the appliances without any fear. So, you can keep your workplace safe from electrical hazards due to the malfunctioning of portable equipment and avoid legal complications.

The Local Guys Test & Tag, the experts in electrical safety, specialise in comprehensive electrical safety testing. Offering risk assessments for premises, advice on safety switches, electrical circuit safety, and conduct testing and tagging for portable appliances and equipment. Providing a free service quote, contact The Local Guys Test & Tag for further information.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is for general informational purposes only. While we strive to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information we strongly advise that any electrical work or modifications be carried out by a licensed and qualified professional electrician. The content of this blog should not be considered as a substitute for professional advice or consultation. Any reliance you place on such information is strictly at your own risk.