How often should a fire extinguisher be inspected?

How often should a fire extinguisher be inspected?

Although fire extinguishers’ timely inspection and maintenance may not always be top of our mind. But it is imperative that regular checks are carried out to keep a fire extinguisher working at all times. Because there’s nothing worse than needing an extinguisher in an emergency and discover that it isn’t charged or doesn’t work.

Fire Extinguishers in Good Condition

That’s why fire extinguisher inspection is extremely important for businesses and homes protection. Read a brief explanation to discover how often your fire extinguishers need an inspection for optimal safety and compliance.

To keep fire extinguishers in good condition. It is necessary that you perform certain fire extinguisher inspections on monthly, yearly, and every six years. To do the time to time inspection you need to hire professionals that will perform the monthly, annual and six-year fire extinguisher inspections to assure the uninterrupted working of the product in case of emergencies. 

Inspection of fire extinguisher

6 Monthly Inspection of Fire Extinguisher:

6 Monthly inspection include that you should do a visual inspection of your fire extinguishers to ensure that

  • Fire extinguishers are installed properly at their preferred location and not obstructed by any items.
  • Fire extinguishers are in working condition and all employees know where any fire extinguisher is located.
  • Make a precise inspection of each fire extinguisher to identify any damage. Like locking pin should be intact, tamper seal unbroken, and nozzle unclogged.
  • Instruction labels on extinguishers are legible. Also, check the date of the last inspection done and schedule services if more than 12 months have passed.
  • During the inspection, you should also check that fire extinguisher is pressurized.
  • During these inspections you got to know that is there something wrong, then you must immediately call a fire protection agency, to perform maintenance on your fire extinguisher. 

Maintenance of Fire Extinguisher

Annual Inspections of Fire Extinguisher 

Perform the annual inspection of the fire extinguisher. You need to hire a professional inspector that comes to visit once in a year for inspection. And fulfill the following steps for successfully completing the inspection:

  • They check and verify that fire extinguishers are located at the reachable place. Like it is only 75 feet of travel away on every floor of the building.
  • Check for any modifications that need to improve the efficiency of each fire extinguisher to work successively in emergency need.
  • Tag and date each fire extinguisher to confirm that your business is regular with annual inspections.
  • These examination steps are performed to make sure that there are no signs of leaks, deterioration, broken seals, tampering, host blockages, or illegible labels. 

Rechargeable fire extinguishers

5-Year Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Rechargeable fire extinguishers require thorough inspections after five years. This process involves conducting a hydrostatic test, in which the fire extinguishers require to be emptied, placed underwater and subjected to pressures exceeding their ratings. During the test, the cylinders that fail must be destroyed while the other passes get reassembled, recharged and installed back to their position for work effectively.

How to use fire extinguishers

I hope that above-given information is much enough to keep your fire extinguishers in working condition. But sill you have any queries or you need fire extinguishers inspections and maintenance service, you can contact us freely and let our qualified, reliable team help you get the answers to your questions and manage your fire extinguishers.