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Test and Tag Epping – All About Hire Equipment

The type of environment basically determines whether appliances will be tested and tagged. In Epping, all workplaces are mandated to maintain electrical safety under WHS (Work Health and Safety). In relation to AS/NZ 3760:2022, businesses throughout Melbourne are also required to test and tag items at a certain interval for the purpose of ensuring their safety.

In this article, let’s learn more about the hire industry or anyone wanting to hire equipment not just in Epping but in Australia. If you’re engaged in the hire industry, you must be aware of the minimum requirements as set by the Australian Standard.

What Is Hire Equipment?

Hire equipment refers to items or machinery that are rented or leased out to individuals or businesses for temporary use. It can include a wide range of items such as power tools, construction equipment, audio visual equipment, event furniture, and more. Hiring equipment offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness to those who require certain items for a specific duration without the need for long-term ownership or investment. However, it is crucial to ensure that hire equipment is safe and in proper working condition to prevent accidents, injuries, or damage during use.

Test and Tag Epping – Hire Equipment

Hire equipment must be visually inspected, and tested and tagged before every hire. The following are the process that each equipment must go through:

Visual Inspection – technicians must visually inspect all electrical equipment for hire before anyone lease or use them

Tested and tagged – equipment needs to be tested and tagged every three months and no longer than one month for construction sites

Whose responsibility is it to test and tag equipment? What the equipment has lasted more than three months in the hire’s hands? In general, the hirer has the responsibility to have the hire equipment tested and tagged. However, if such equipment is hired for more than several months, the obligation to test and tag shifts to the person or company leasing them. Hire equipment that are being used for construction must be tested and tagged no greater than monthly intervals.

Why Testing and Tagging Hire Equipment Is Important?

Testing and tagging hire equipment is essential for several reasons. Initially, it helps identify any potential electrical faults, malfunctions, or safety hazards in the equipment. Through inspections and electrical testing, technicians can identify faulty items. Some of the most common issues found in hire equipment are damaged cords, earth leakage, or insulation breakdown. That is because hire equipment is constantly used and are exposed to heavy wear and tire. The following are some examples of hire equipment that needs to be tested and tagged.

Power Tools: Drills, saws, sanders, grinders, and other handheld power tools.

Construction Equipment: Excavators, bulldozers, loaders, cranes, concrete mixers, scaffolding, and temporary fencing.

Generators: Portable generators for providing temporary electrical power.

Event Equipment: Marquees, tables, chairs, lighting, sound systems, stages, and dance floors.

Audio Visual Equipment: Projectors, screens, speakers, microphones, and audio systems.

Party Supplies: Inflatable bounce houses, party games, popcorn machines, and karaoke systems.

Cleaning Equipment: Carpet cleaners, pressure washers, floor scrubbers, and industrial vacuum cleaners.

By detecting these problems early on, necessary repairs or replacements can be made to ensure the equipment is safe for use by subsequent renters. This significantly reduces the risk of electrical accidents, electric shocks, or fires that could occur due to faulty equipment.

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Regular inspection, testing, and tagging of hire equipment demonstrate a commitment to meeting these regulatory requirements and providing a safe environment for users. It helps protect both the equipment rental company and the individuals or businesses hiring the equipment, as they can have confidence that the items have undergone thorough safety checks and are in compliance with relevant guidelines. Contact The Local Guys – Test and Tag Epping for more information.

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