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Do you own a café or restaurant in Shearwater? Or are you running any business that involves using electrical equipment in the city? As a business owner or manager, it is important that you ensure your business is running and operating safely in accordance with Australian laws and regulations. If you own a café or a restaurant, you should be keener with the rules considering that you’re not only in charge of food safety, but you’re also responsible for electrical safety of your crew.
However, responsibilities can be easily overshadowed by the day to day operation of running a busy café or restaurant. So, what is test and tag? Test and tag is a process of examining electrical equipment and appliances to ensure they are safe to use. In this article, we’ve tackled the importance of hiring a test and tag Shearwater company to ensure your appliances are safe.

Follow the legal requirements for electrical safety

In most countries, including Australia, United Kingdom, and New Zealand, it is a legal requirement for businesses to regularly test and tag their electrical equipment to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. Keeping abreast with the latest changes in the law will help keep your business compliant.

Hire a qualified Technician to test and tag

The test and tag process should only be performed by qualified personnel who have received training in electrical safety and have the necessary equipment to perform the tests. The requirements are set out in AS/NZS 3760, which provides that Technician conducting test and tag must be certified. After testing and tagging a proper log must follow. In the tag, Technician must specify their names, the date when the test and tag service was done, and the status of the equipment. With this data, you can make better decisions as to what you will do with the electrical equipment at hand.

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Install electrical wiring correctly

All electrical wiring and switchboards are critical components of a restaurant’s electrical system and must be installed and maintained to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Proper installation and maintenance of these components prevent electrical hazards such as fires, electrical shocks, and equipment failures. Electrical wiring must be installed and maintained in a neat and orderly manner, and all electrical connections must be secure and protected from physical damage. Switchboards must be regularly inspected to ensure they are functioning correctly, and any faults must be immediately repaired by a qualified electrician. Regular maintenance of electrical wiring and switchboards helps to ensure the safe operation of a restaurant’s electrical system and minimizes the risk of electrical incidents.

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    Provide safety switch for all electrical safety devices

    All electrical equipment must have appropriate safety devices, such as residual current devices (RCDs) and circuit breakers, installed to protect against electrical hazards.
    Providing safety switches, also known as residual current devices (RCDs), for all electrical safety devices is essential for ensuring the safety of a restaurant’s electrical system. Safety switches, like RCDs can help reduce electrical incidents, such as fires and electrocution, and provide an extra layer of protection for employees and customers. In Australia, all electrical safety devices must be installed by a qualified electrician and must be tested regularly to ensure they are functioning correctly. By providing safety switches for all electrical safety devices, a restaurant can demonstrate its commitment to electrical safety and help to create a safer and more secure environment for employees and customers.

    Provide adequate lighting

    In Australia, lighting must comply with the relevant state and territory regulations, including Australian Standards for electrical safety. Hence, adequate lighting must be provided in all areas of the restaurant, including kitchens, dining rooms, and restrooms. Providing adequate lighting is essential for creating a safe and comfortable environment for customers and staff in your restaurant. It also helps to ensure that customers can see their food, navigate restaurants, and use the restroom safely. In the kitchen, adequate lighting is essential for food preparation and for ensuring that employees can safely use equipment and appliances. Regular maintenance of lighting fixtures and bulbs is also important to ensure that they are functioning correctly and providing adequate illumination. With a safe and inviting environment, you don’t only create a comfortable workplace for everyone but also a great place for your customers.

    Have a qualified Technician to install, repair, or maintain your Appliances

    Any electrical work, including installation and maintenance, must be carried out by a qualified electrician and a permit must be obtained from the relevant state and territory government before work begins. This will ensure that the electrical system is installed and maintained in accordance with the relevant safety regulations and Australian Standards. A qualified Technician will have the training and experience to safely carry out electrical work, reducing the risk of electrical incidents, such as fires and electrical shocks. They will also be able to provide the necessary documentation and certifications to demonstrate that the Test and Tag work has been carried out in accordance with the regulations. By having a qualified Technician carry out test and tagging your restaurant, you can have peace of mind that your appliances are safe and secure for your employees and customers.

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