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Test and Tag Launceston – Be a Workplace Electrical Safety Champion in 2023

Prioritise Electrical Safety for Your Business:  Ensure a compliant workplace. Complying with Australia’s electrical safety standards is both a responsibility and a legal requirement. Electrical testing and tagging, essential. Electrical tagging services ensures proper functioning and safety of electrical appliances and electrical equipment. This process identifies defects and hazards, followed by attaching a tag with test details. Guarantee safety and peace of mind by opting for regular electrical testing of your electrical equipment with The Local Guys – Test & Tag Launceston, Tasmania. Our prompt, friendly, and quality electrical testing and tagging services offer essential support for your business.

Ensure compliance and safety for your business with Test and Tag services. Legally required in Australia, test and tag involves inspecting and labeling electrical items to verify their safety. It’s crucial in industries like construction, manufacturing, hospitality, and healthcare. Non-compliance leads to fines and risks of shock and fire damage.  Our test and tag services provide a detailed and accurate report for your business. We use the most up-to-date equipment to ensure compliance with Australian standards. Additionally, our inspectors are highly trained and certified in electrical safety testing.

Protect yourself and your business from potential hazards with quality testing and tagging services from The Local Guys Test and Tag. Reach out to us today for more information.

Test and Tag Launceston

Enhancing Safety

Ensuring Safety for Your Team and Tools: Regular electrical testing & tagging fosters a secure work environment, protecting against fire and shock risks. It identifies potential faults in power tools, extending their lifespan and averting costly replacements. Prioritising safety measures like testing and tagging creates a safeguarded workspace, removing defective equipment, minimising accidents and legal liabilities.

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Regular testing and tagging of electrical equipment demonstrates due diligence, lessening liability for incidents. Vital in industries like construction, it creates a safer environment and a shield of protection from legal and financial consequences.

Risk Management

Regular Testing and Tagging: By identifying potential hazards, businesses can proactively mitigate risks and create a safe working environment. Our prompt service minimizes the chances of harmful electrical incidents that harm employees, disrupt operations, and damage equipment. Maintaining accurate records showcases diligence and reduces liability in case of incidents. With a test and tag program, organisations comply with safety regulations, enhancing overall risk management and workplace safety.
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Cost Effective

Test and tagging ensures electrical equipment safety at a small upfront cost, preventing pricier harm, disruption, and liability from potential incidents. Proactive testing saves long-term expenses by reducing risks and complying with regulations

Make sure your workplace performs regular tests and tag inspection. Your workplace environment will determine the frequency of the testing needed at your site. You can always check out the Australian Standard AS/NZ 3760:2022 for information regarding electrical safety testing in Launceston.

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