Fire Blanket, Hydrant & Hose Reel Testing Should Be Considered Carefully

Fire Blanket, Hydrant & Hose Reel Testing Should Be Considered Carefully

As we all know, fire has the ability to destroy lives, stock, buildings and much more if not controlled. In these situations, making sure you are surrounded by quality fire products becomes a necessity. Therefore, we have got some points that assist in knowing the importance of thorough testing of fire blankets, hydrants and hose reels. Learn all about it here:

Fire Blanket

If you have a commercial kitchen, food truck or work in a school premises with an economics room and canteen facilities then this can be great help. Keeping your surroundings safe from various hazards such as flammable liquids and oils is necessary, however, when the cause cannot be avoided, protection needs to be readily available. It is your responsibility to ensure your workers and employees are working in safe environments, away from any hazards or potential risks. Fire blankets help in reducing the risk even if the risk level cannot be eliminated the workplace. You must always be prepared for any unforeseen situations to minimize the level of destruction.

Your quick thinking actions can save both your life, and lives of your employees with the help of ready to use protective equipment, as they cut off the oxygen supply from fires, thus minimising the damage. Making sure and routinely maintaining a fire protection blanket can save both you and your business. It is crucial to keep on top of these decisions.

As we all know, fire blankets are designed to protect against fires that involve cooking oils and fats, also classified as class F fires. Fire blankets are used for smothering a fire to remove its oxygen supply and prevent further growth of the flames. A faulty blanket can allow the oxygen supply to seep through, providing the fire with a means to grow, and also causing the situation to grow out of hand and have potentially harmful impacts.

Fire Hydrant

You might have seen fire hydrants in various areas having large premises like school, hospital and even just passing by. Fire hydrants provide a water source directly from the main to allow fires to be put out with ease, and assisting the fire department in doing so. Despite their efficiency, fire trucks have a limited water supply to fight fires, whereas a fire hydrant allows continued water flow.

You may have noticed these above ground fire hydrants around the place. Due to the weather and other external and uncontrollable factors, these hydrants can become clogged or damaged, which is not ideal for when a fire needs to be managed. The testing of fire hydrants ensures they are accessible, and the water is a high pressure to be able to perform when required.

Fire Hose Reels

Fire hose reels are an important tool for fighting fires, and can be supplemented for fire hydrants when they are not available. Fire hose reels are required to be no less than 40 metres from any part of a building, and within 4 metres of an exit. A fire hose reel is only required to be installed in buildings greater than 500m. By doing so, it can help to save you by assisting in defence from a fire, before the problem gets out of hand. Business owners with large workplaces must conduct fire hose reel testing in a routinely manner to ensure the lives of employees are safe and sound from fire. By testing the functionality and accessibility, fire hose reels become a necessity rather than a choice when it comes to protecting everyone in the building as well as the building itself.

These fire hose reels are directly connected with a water supply and are designed to protect from paper or wood-fuelled fire emergencies. Proceeding with caution when using a fire hose reel is important, as well as only using them when the area is well evacuated.

All of the above factors prove that the testing of fire blankets, hydrants and hose reels is a crucial aspect that must be considered carefully. In addition to getting them tested, ensuring those who conduct your test are professionals in the industry is also an important point. You can trust The Local Guys to be able to appropriately complete these tests, as well as providing a certificate of compliance on completion.

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