Are You Working from Home? Here Are WHS Tips to Know

Are You Working from Home? Here Are WHS Tips to Know

Most of the employees have been working from home these days due to current situation. There may be various reasons like it could be parenting responsibilities, it might be that your office is getting renovated; it could be the illness like flu or fever or as it seems in current times of corona virus; individuals are forced to stay in isolation and work from home. No matter what the reason for an individual to work from home, you should try the idea to make yourself more productive and ensure the work health safety.

Here are some WHS tips while working from home:

WHS tips while working from home

While working from home one must consider some vital point from health and safety aspect including:

1. Design of the work station or the working arrangements:

The working arrangement has to be as good and healthy as at the office. You must ensure that the work station at home is set up correctly. The table you are using is good enough to take weight of the machinery. Also make sure that the key board is at proper height and the mouse is on equal level of the keyboard.  It will offer you comfortable position of work and prevent the risk of back ache/ neck ache due to wrong sitting or posture.

Make sure that your work counter is suitable for work and helpful to allow you to focus on the work. Also ensure the lighting arrangements. It should be proper to lessen the glare or reflection on the computer monitor.

2. Work and life balance:

To have a good work and life balance is vital. Take breaks at home also as usually taken in the office atmosphere.  Try to get away from work area and have a look around outside as it is helpful to be more productive because of the change in view. It is like filling yourself energy and giving your mind a relaxing aura.

Set up your work space in distinctive area and it might be a room or a corner but most important thing is to have a consistent space where you can work from. Begin your day and end it like you do it in your office.

3. Make a schedule and work accordingly.

Make a schedule and work

Wright down what you need to do on the day and check your progress at the end of the day.

Be in touch with your team and superiors whether on phone or virtually. Keep them informed about your work and get help if needed.

Ensure that you don’t get interrupted by the things.

Make your family and friends understand that what is important on your working hours even working from home.

4. Make sure to check the electrical equipment safety:

 Check the electrical equipment safety

Even working from home you must ensure the safety of electrical devices like the cords, extensions are in good condition. You have enough ventilation for electronic devices at the area you have set up your work station.

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