7 Biggest Appliance Testing and Tagging Mistakes to Avoid

7 Biggest Appliance Testing and Tagging Mistakes to Avoid

We are relying more on our electrical appliances and devices, which puts them under heavy strain. Frequent use of electrical devices can make them damaged as well as unsafe for use. If you happen to have any kind of faulty electronic device, it can put you at great risk of electrocution, electrical injuries, or burns. One of the most efficient ways to maintain the integrity of your appliances is to test and tag.

So, what is test and tag?

It’s a long process that includes a series of functional tests and visual inspections carrying out proper and safe checking of our appliances.

Importance of test and tag:

Regular maintenance and testing of appliances helps in reducing the risk of injuries and accidents that are quite common with damaged or unsafe appliances. It keeps everyone safe on-site which is should be your number one business goal. The chances of an accident become so small with test and tag, and even if an accident occurs, you will be able to handle it quickly. That is why it is important to engage yourself with test and tag services. It can be your most valuable step towards safety in your workplace. However, there are many companies that do not follow the standard requirements needed for appliance testing and tagging. In order to save you from fraudulent inspection companies, we have tried our best to put together this handy guide.

Let us discuss the 7 biggest testing and tagging mistakes that are quite common.
Testing and Tagging Mistakes

1. Find yourself a reputable technician:

It is important for you to do some background research about the test and tag company you are going to work with. The best way to do that is by going through their official business website and looking at Google reviews about the company’s work. Looking at their website thoroughly will provide you enough technical information about their standards of work, tests, and the level of training they provide to their employees.

2. Make sure to detect the existing problems:

It is important to identify the existing faults as they can lead to a complete breakdown of your equipment. So, before carrying out the test and tag, make sure you detect any existing problems with the equipment.

3. Proper maintenance of your electrical equipment:

Proper maintenance of your equipment will protect them from damage. Taking frequent measures will help you save the precious business hours that you can use to increase the overall productivity of your business. So, it’s better to take preventative measures from time to time.

4. Test and tag are not for computers:

Computers are sensitive equipment which means that you cannot test a computer the same way you test a toaster. It is always better to seek some advice from someone, and then you can opt for testing an item.

5. Don’t replace the originals with cheaper ones:

You’re definitely going to find some duplicates of particular equipment in the market that are going to be cheap. But, just because they are cheap, that does not mean that they have all the features of the original and will perform like originals. So, make sure to not fall for duplicates and only opt for reputable originals.

6. Don’t hang on to an old test tool for too long:

The test tools that we have today in the market contain advanced safety features. They are worth your money and are a lot less expensive in comparison to an emergency room visit.

7. Multi-tasking is not always good:

Don’t multi-task while working with electrical appliances. Trying to do several things at a time never makes sense and you are only going to miss important details.