Test and tag intervals: How often do I test and Tag my appliances?

Test and tag intervals: How often do I test and Tag my appliances?

Plugs or Protective Insulations

When it comes to testing and tagging of electrical appliances, businesses are expected to comply through the regulations as per the state. These regulations are important to ensure the overall safety of the place and workers. It is highly recommended to take the help of a qualified and experienced electrical contractor.

Also, testing plays a major role in detecting any possible problems that could occur during the course of time. Therefore, staying active and alert about every new safety tagging regulation for the industry that you work for is important. Here we bring you some details that will provide you some brief information about testing and tagging. Apart from that, you will also get to know how often you can plan testing and tagging.

Know it all about testing and tagging?

Testing and Tagging of Electrical Appliances

The procedure of tagging and testing of various appliances is conducted to verify the use of such appliances is done safely. This includes the testing of all the electrical appliances which are in connection to the electrical supply through a device.

After the test if such appliances are declared to be safe, they are then attached with a tag. This tag includes all the key information about the testing like the date it was conducted, the person who performed it and also the next testing date.

Testing of Electrical Appliances

Responsibility for test and tag?

People who are responsible for conducting these testing and tagging are those who have the actual legal responsibility of all the equipment safety. Therefore, it becomes a duty of the main contractor, self-employed individuals along with the employer to confirm that all such plug-in equipment are checked well and tested appropriately for safe usage.

Responsibility for test and tag

How often to opt for Tagging and Testing

This is a common question that many people are seen discussing. It depends upon the nature of the equipment that is used and also the workplace conditions. In case, electrical equipment is frequently used on a construction site then it surely needs more frequent testing as compared to a computer used in an office.

In case a piece of equipment breaks down unexpectedly, it is not only the equipment that you have to worry about. The staff on the machine take costly breaks that affect your business while you arrange for the spares and replacement for your machine to be back online. If the machine is being timely inspected by an electrician, then the potential failure risks can be identified before machine failure and can be looked up to without interrupting the normal workflow.

Frequent Testing

Not only the factory, but people at their homes and offices should also get their equipment tested regularly. It is not necessary that all the equipment needs to be tested, some equipment like computers, monitors, printers need to be checked against dangerous situations like power surges. Testing also reveals in case there is some damaged equipment already like plugs or protective insulations.