What is test and tag?

What is test and tag?

Every business, whatever their scale may be, are bound to keep their employees protected. The WH&S has also set some rules and regulations that bind the businesses and companies to ensure the safety of their workplace to keep their business, employees, and clients safe. One of the most crucial steps in ensuring workplace safety is getting all your electrical equipment tested and tagged by experts. This regular equipment inspection and testing ensure that your business and staff is safe on your premises, which enhances their productivity and efficiency. There are a lot of service providers such as The Local Guys – Test and Tag that provide outstanding yet reasonably priced testing and tagging services in Australia. Before you hire a service provider, make sure you know what test and tag services are so that you can hire the right professionals to do the job.

What is Test and Tag?

Testing and tagging involve two steps. Firstly, all your equipment is examined visually to rule out the issues like broken cables, damaged leads, and similar visible faults. Expert technicians carry out the inspection so that there are no loopholes and you get accurate results. The equipment is also tested electrically using testers and equipment to find out any internal electrical issues and faults. The testing is conducted to help your business comply with the rules and regulations set by your state to ensure your workplace safety.

Once your equipment is tested both visually and electrically comes the next phase called tagging. During this phase, the service provider ensures to provide all the information collected during the testing phase to you through a tag. The tag contains all the details of the test. The testing and tagging process helps you ensure that all the appliances and devices in your workplace are safe to be used hence ensuring the safety of your employees and reducing the risk of any electrical dangers and hazards.

Appliances that must be tested and tagged

You need to get all your electrical appliances and equipment tested and tagged in all types of workplaces ranging from small to medium to large businesses. Here are the appliances that need to be inspected according to the Australian code:

  • Hard wired devices
  • Appliances that require dismantling for following safety measures
  • Appliances with height beyond 2.5 meters
  • The sample items that are used for window dressing
  • New appliances of a warehouse outlet

You can rest assured that no equipment is damaged during the inspections. All the items are examined during the testing and tagging process by expert technicians that are highly qualified and skilled with extensive experience in the field. The assessment is hence thorough and ensures that the electrical equipment stays safe from damages during the testing.

How Long Testing and Tagging Process Takes?

The testing and tagging process duration is dependent on the volume of your business and items. Each item doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to get visually inspected thoroughly and then tested and tagged. Appliances go through different examinations depending upon their specifications before each of them is deemed safe for use. Expert companies in Australia as The Local Guys know the whole process and conduct efficiently ensure that your business doesn’t face any disruption while the process is done effortlessly.

Now that you are aware of the whole idea behind the testing and tagging of your equipment to ensure safety at your workplace don’t delay it. Get in touch with The Local Guys right away to get your appliances tested and tagged so that your business complies with the state’s regulations and your business is completely safe for everyone!

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