What Are the Dangers of an Overloaded Power Board?

Everything we use depends on electricity; literally everything. Devices are either plugged in to run or plugged in to charge. However, we see many homes and workplaces without enough standard outlets for the wires and cords. That is where power boards are needed.

Electrical outlets can hold a maximum of two plugs. When you use power boards, a single electrical outlet can hold multiple plugs. It sounds perfect since you can plug in all your devices. Therefore, you will not search for outlets. However, if the power board is overloaded, it can be extremely dangerous. Overloaded power boards can damage your devices, cause injuries by shocking people, or start fires.

That is why you should understand what to do when it comes to power boards to protect your family, your workers, and of course your electrical devices.

Here are The Local Guys experts’ electrical safety tips that you should know about power boards.

Overloaded Power Board

Avoid the Piggyback Method

The piggyback method refers to overloading the power board by plugging in one plug and connecting it to another one in order to create a long cord. It also refers to turning a single outlet into a double outlet using a double adaptor.

It is better to avoid this method since it leads to overloaded power boards. Power boards have a current rating limit determined by the structure and design of the power board.

If you exceeded the maximum current rating, you could start a fire. Avoid adding double adaptors or additional cords and use the power board as it should.

Power Boards with Overload Protection Are the Best

The overload protection feature stops electricity from overloading power boards to make your place safe if an overload occurred. Purchase power boards with overload protection feature to avoid any hazards.

Avoid Plugging High-Wattage Appliances Into Power Boards

Heaters, TVs, and kettles are high-wattage appliances, which means that they require more power to work. Most power boards are not designed to handle these types of appliances.

It is better to plug the appliances into the outlets directly since they are the main source of electricity.

Maintain Power Boards In Use

Power board maintenance is important to avoid injuries, device damages, and fires. You can maintain your power boards by:

  • Placing them on its side to avoid dust accumulation into the unused points.
  • Checking that the plugs are set into the power board firmly.
  • Inspecting the power board to see if there are any damages such as frayed wires.
  • Making sure the power board is away from water and debris.
  • Making sure air ventilation around the power board is good to avoid overheating.

Avoid Using Extension Cords Permanently

Extension cords should not be used permanently. They are designed to provide temporary access to the outlet.

Increase the Number of Power Points

If the main power points are not enough, get a professional electrician to increase the number of the main power points in your place. It will cost you but this is how you reduce the risks of fire that may happen due to overloaded power boards.

Test and Tag Your Place Regularly

Test and Tag services offered by The Local Guys will help you to keep your place safe. Our professional electricians will inspect your appliances and power boards visually and test them to make sure they are working properly.

The Local Guys provide test and tag services across Australia. Contact us if you need more information or have any questions and one of our professional electricians will give you all the answers you need.

What Are the Dangers of an Overloaded Power Board?