About Our Test and Tag Franchise

We were so overwhelmed with demand for The Local Guys – Test & Tag services, that we decided to enlist some more help around the country! We knew we had all of the systems, knowledge and customer service skills to become scalable – we just needed more hands on deck to make it happen.

Becoming a Test and Tag Franchise has enabled us to service more areas, more efficiently, while upholding our focus on unrivalled customer service. We also love that we can now help new franchisees build their own businesses, be their own boss, and live the life of their dreams.

The Benefits Of Becoming A Local Guy

Work for yourself

Family values

Great work-life balance

Outstanding support

Industry leading team

Low startup & ongoing costs

Strong income opportunities

Australia's No 1 Test and Tag Franchise

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

We offer franchises for the price of $34,900 ex. gst. This includes:

  • All the equipment you will need to get you started.
  • Support from our team, to ensure you are successful.
  • Sign writing on your vehicle.
  • Training (running for 2 weeks, this includes office training & in the field training).
  • Business cards, flyers, laptop computer and much more.

What sort of support does head office provide?

Our head office (or Support Centre, as we call ourselves) provide many forms of support including:

  • Sales & Marketing Support
  • National Call Centre
  • Administration Support for Franchise Partners
  • Dedicated Franchise iPhone & Android App
  • Dedicated CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)
  • Online Training Platform

I'm worried I won’t make enough money, while I'm starting out

We offer a $ 1,000-per-week income guarantee! We understand that when you are getting started, you might worry about not making enough money. We want to give you some piece of mind!

So, when you’re not testing. We will pay you to promote your business. So, no need to worry! *conditions apply

Do The Local Guys provide sales leads?

Yes! We provide leads to our Franchise Partners. We receive sales inquiries through our website & also from our sales team. However, there are no guarantees of the volume of work we can offer. Therefore we train our Franchise Partners, on how to do effective LAM (Local Area Marketing) to grow & develop their business.

Will I get a territory?

Yes, you will receive a Marketing Territory. So, any efforts you put into growing your territory, you will benefit from. Giving you the ability to grow your business.

Do I need to be an electrician or have a trade background?

No, not at all! We will teach you everything you need to know. We will send you off to get your Test & Tag Licence (1-day course). Once you have your licence, will spend time with you in the classroom doing further training. Then we will work with you for 2 weeks performing testing at client’s businesses.

After that, we are only a phone call away! So, if you run into any questions or are unsure of anything, we will be there to support you!

Why a test and tag franchise over other service franchises?

Being a Test and Tag Franchise Partner is great! Seriously, what other franchise could you do the below:

  • Work your own hours
  • Clients are relaxed & flexible when you perform your work! Unlike a Plumber, Pest Controller or many other service-based businesses. With Test & Tagging as long as you complete the testing before their tags are due, clients are typically happy to be flexible.
  • Great profit margins! Typically service based businesses have very good margins. Test and Tag is even a standout from other service-based businesses. This is because the major expense is tags. Which is very low compared to the profit you can make.
  • Repeat work! Typically, if you can get 12 months’ work, you should have 10 years’ worth of work. So, look after your customers & they will look after you too!

How long does it take to start?

We generally allow about 4-6 weeks. This will give us enough time to get to know each other. See if this is the right step for you & us. This will give you a chance to set up a business, seek advice & get you trained up. If you would like to take the first step, fill in the application form today!

Learn a Little More

We work hard to be the best test and tag franchise for sale in Australia! We are a genuine opportunity, that can help you earn great income, with a minimum investment. Buying franchise business is a wonderful opportunity for you to become successful in your own business, with a much higher success rate, then if you tried to open an independent business! It is well documented that 90% of all small businesses fail within the first 3 years. With a franchise, 80% succeed!

When you start franchise business with The Local Guys – Test and Tag, you get the best training, systems & brand name to become a successful test and tag Franchise Partner. We will promote the brand online (through SEO, google adwords, applying for large tenders & many more ways), provide you with leads, provide ongoing training, get bulk pricing from our suppliers. So you can focus on performing testing & earning a high income! If you are looking for best low cost franchises, you cannot find a better option than The Local Guys – Test and we have over 10 years of experience in the industry & will provide you with all the systems & training to become a success!

Why choose a Test and Tag Franchise?

Many people nowadays are on the lookout for low cost franchise opportunities! This is because our lives are becoming busier & busier. The opportunity to have a true work life balance, is becoming more & more appealing! Our test and tag business for sale, are the perfect choice for all those people who want to make great profits with a small investment & still have a work life balance. Generally our franchise partners start work at 10am and finish at around 3pm, they only work Monday to Friday (Unless special circumstances), so you will have plenty of time to have a life outside of your business! If you are looking for a genuine opportunity, with a high profit franchise, talk to us today! We look forward to talking with you soon!

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