Health Hazards Posed By Microwave Radiation Leakage

Health Hazards Posed By Microwave Radiation Leakage

Every household appliance works on electricity and releases a certain amount of electromagnetic field that is harmful for humans. The same also applies to microwave ovens, where the radiation leaks from the appliance. This poses a grave health risk for the human body. In comparison with other appliances running on electricity, the potential risk factor is higher in microwave ovens.

An Australian Standard limit had to be set, as microwave ovens leak a high amount of radiation. Due to ageing of seals of microwave doors, the leakages increase to higher than the prescribed limits.

Regardless of their culinary ability, more and more people are using microwave ovens for cooking purposes. The easy and fast way to cook food poses a great health risk irrespective of the energy efficiency of microwave ovens. When it comes to using microwave ovens for their cooking needs, people should be well informed  about the potential health dangers that radiation leaks can cause.

Microwave leakage checking

According to health experts, microwave leakages can result in cataracts to life threatening diseases like cancer. Although manufacturers prevent radiation leakages with a metal mesh inside the oven, some of the most renowned brands of microwaves still experience leakages.

Some of the major health hazards and disadvantages pertaining to radiation leakages from microwave ovens are as follows.

Imbalances the nutrients in food

According to studies, cooking food in microwave reduces the nutritional content in food. People are also advised against heating milk in microwave ovens, because the colostrum content in milk is destroyed when heated

Radiation waves are emitted in ovens when heating water, which in turn, affects our body as we are made up of water, and absorb the radiation.


Cataract Eyes

Although, there are conflicting opinions about the use of microwave, it is an agreed fact that, microwave radiation can cause cataracts. People who stand in front of microwave ovens, watching their favourite food being cooked, are more prone to developing cataracts.


Microwave compatible plastic containers tend to leak carcinogens into the food when heated inside the ovens. In addition to this, microwaveable food contains chemicals like benzene, xylene, toluene and BPA, has been linked to various types of cancers.

Affects your heart and blood levels

Standing near the microwave oven for long hours leads to irregular functioning of the heart. Eating food cooked in microwave oven, can result in a drop in blood levels and increase in cholesterol levels.