The Local Guys Services Guide – Test and Tag Melton

Test and Tag MeltonThe Local Guys Services Guide – Test and Tag Melton

Test and Tagging is an industry that has reputable and non-reputable providers. Our company is large and has a national reputation all over Australia and local reputation in Melton, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hobart, and other areas.

However, we want to provide every detail to our clients, that is why we are going to provide answers to some of the most common questions asked to us.

Our Test and Tag Qualifications

All our test and tag professional technicians have completed courses in testing and tagging before handling any work. They understand how appliances operate and know how to use PAT or Portable Appliance Tester.
In addition, our technicians have a wide understanding of electricity and electrical circuitries.
All test and tag technicians in Melton should have test and tag licenses to be able to operate.

What Is Your Experience in Testing and Tagging?

Courses alone do not make someone an expert. Experience is important. Our technicians are highly qualified because they have seen and worked on a large number of appliances.
In addition, our technicians have worked in different environments and have seen many faults. These things cannot be taught in courses, they take years to learn.
Our new technicians begin with easy tasks first to learn our craft well. After a few months of tasks, the new technician becomes experienced enough to handle larger tasks. That is how we work at The Local Guys – Test and Tag Melton.

What Is a Certificate of Compliance?

A Certificate of Compliance shows that all the appliances in the site have been tested by a professional technician. Dates are put on the appliances to show when exactly was the last time the appliance was tested.

Can the Test and Tag Professional Repair the Appliance?

Test and tag technicians in Melton can replace or repair sockets and plugs of the appliances while working on site. This will ensure that the appliances do not have any mistakes and that the problem is not as it seems.
Not all problems are huge and can cause risks, but it needs an expert to find such problems.

How Can the Client Check the Quality of the Tags?

Not all tags are the same, that is why the client should look at the tags the technician uses. The tags should be resistant to the heat, in order to stay the same even if the appliance is in the direct sunlight. The handwritten tags should be obvious, and the retest date should always be visible.
The tags must comply with the task, type of appliance, location, and the Australian Safety Standards.

What Is the Price of the Test and Tag Services?

There are many ways to charge for the test and tag services. For example, some providers insist on an hourly rate, others charge per item.
Anyway, it is important to agree with the test and tag service on the price before hiring.

What Are the Colours of the Tags?

Construction and mining industries require special tagging. Red is for tags from December to February, green for March to May, Blue for June to August, and Yellow from September to November.
Other places do not require special colours. However, using a different colour every time indicates that the appliances are tested regularly.

The Local Guys are the best test and tag services in Melton according to the reviews of our clients. We are more than happy to answer your questions. Just contact us if you need more information.