Test and Tag Canberra – What You Need to Know?

test and tag Canberra

Test and Tag Canberra – What You Need to Know?

The Local Guys provides the best test and tag service in Canberra according to the reviews and feedback from all our clients. It is vital for everyone to get their homes and businesses tested and tagged for the protection and safety of everyone.

Businesses must follow the Occupational Safety and Health (OHS) requirements. Electrical safety is necessary, not only to keep your business open but also to stay safe around your appliances.

Expert Local Gays in test and tag Services in Canberra

Most of the services we offer can be applied to both homes and businesses. At The Local Guys, we provide our clients with the best test and tag services in Canberra to prevent all kinds of electrical problems.
Remember that all your electrical appliances and wiring should be tested on a regular basis to be 100% sure that you, your family members, and possessions are well-protected against electrical faults.
Here are the answers to some common questions asked to us by our clients in Canberra.

Why Do My Appliances Leak Electricity?

Our Experts at The Local Guys have seen nearly all kinds of electrical problems. They say that there are many causes why domestic appliances leak electricity. For example:

  • Rough usage without regular testing and tagging.
  • Food and dirt particles are caught anywhere in the appliances, especially in the moving parts.
  • Wear and tear causes.

All these causes will lead to leakage of electricity at some levels. When this happens, dangerous, and sometimes fatal, electric currents move through wires, gaps, and spaces. These currents can cause all kinds of injuries.
Do not underestimate the power of electrical leakage. It is one of the worst things that can happen to a person, possessions, and appliances.

Why Is Electric Blanket Testing Important?

Electric blankets are an extremely popular household appliance. They are great at keeping us warm and cozy during the cold weather. However, they can be extremely dangerous. If your electric blanket not tested and tagged on a regular basis, it may start a fire. At The Local Guys, we ask our clients if they have any electric blankets and make sure to test and tag them, especially during the winter season to ensure the safety of our clients, their homes, and families. 

Should My Smoke Alarm Be Tested?

Yes, it tested. Regular smoke alarm testing is necessary for all homes and businesses all over Australia. Statically, smoke alarm testing reduces the percentage of fire deaths by more than 60% according to the official numbers. Our experts at The Local Guys Canberra make sure that your smoke alarm is working properly to ensure that they will protect your family and home.

Does My Microwave Need to Be Tested? Services in Canberra

Yes, of course. Microwaves usually leak radiation after a while of regular usage. There is a seal around the perimeter of the microwave’s door. With regular usage, the seal becomes worn and filled with dirt and food particles. The problem appears when the seal breaks or becomes unable to seal properly. This is when the microwave starts leaking radiation.

Our test and tag experts in Canberra inspect microwaves to determine if there is any leakage or not. Sometimes, the leakage is not dangerous and within acceptable limits. However, if the seal is faulty or the limits of radiation are not acceptable, our expert will place a faulty sticker on the appliance and tell you what should be done.

The Local Guys is the best test and tag company in Canberra. Our experts are readily available and are eager to help you and your business. Just contact us for more information.