5 tips to choose the right professionals for emergency exit light testing

5 tips to choose the right professionals for emergency exit light testing

All areas of work are expected to present enough centers of escape, and these routes and exits require to be suitably covered by emergency lighting so that they are noticeable even in a power cut. The purpose for testing emergency lighting is to ensure that they remain fully functional during a mains electrical failure and that all lighting and exit signs are up to date with current legislation and are adequate for the purpose intended, to allow staff and others to vacate the premises safely.

Emergency Exit Light Testing

The basic function of this emergency testing is so that there is enough lighting to get everyone safely out of the building in an emergency, but the longer the lighting lasts the better. To assure that the lighting is working correctly and able to last as long as it requires to, the emergency lighting system must be examined frequently. Some of the more advanced methods will be worthy of testing themselves, but the bulk of buildings will have more traditional emergency lighting exits which need manual testing.

The most trustworthy way to make your testing is to be precise about it and keep an official record. When selecting your preference of what emergency exit lighting will be, you require to examine the testing process of the light. Testing is a very important part and thus you should always take professional help.

Proper care and maintenance are very essential to make sure that it is functioning properly and lasts for a longer time. Therefore testing these lights to ensure their functions properly is very crucial.

Here are 5 tips to choose the right professionals for emergency exit light testing

  • Remember to select a company that has a reputation or goodwill as the positive reviews will be an index to the credibility of the company’s performance. Thus it is very important to first seek a professional who has been referred to or is quite well known.
  • See if the professional you choose has enough experience in this field. They must be a power-check for at least one hour to ensure the batteries last long enough.
  • See if the professional provide a warranty of a year on the check. It is excellent to get a qualified electrical professional to do this and monitor the entire system at the same time.
  • See to that when the professionals carry out a full discharge test, they should time this so that your premises are not in use for the following 24 hours, as the batteries will all be exhausted and the emergency exit lighting would therefore not working.
  • Ensure that the professionals carry out Inspections of the lighting system to determine whether it is in service and satisfactory condition following NFPA standards.

Ensure to carry out several tests regularly, say, weekly, monthly, and annually. The everyday check would also be fine to ensure it is working properly. Always remember that safety is of prime importance and so is testing.